2,000 BFFs

At what point is it just not personal anymore, I asked myself this afternoon as I deleted someone from my journal who has almost 2,000 friends listed.c

Realistically, when is he ever going to say, ‘tenderhooligan, I saw this on your journal recently and I …’ or similar when he’s supposedly reading 2,000 people? And I wondered where the cut-off is between keeping a friends list because you’re actually interested in the people you have there, and keeping it just for the sake of popularity. No one could possibly keep up with 2,000 journals and expect to remember the detail in any of them, so what is the motivation for listing that many people? Now, I’m not the best journal friend in the world I’m sure, but I know from reading today that L had a terrible hangover on Saturday, that J and C were in Glos for the weekend, that F is still wittering on about Pop Idol, that G sleeps in matching flannel pyjamas, and that T walked a mile and a half home this morning having put away his share of four bottles of wine and numerous cans of beer. (You’re a braver man than I.) None of this information is life-saving (or life-threatening), of course, but if you call the people on your friends list your friends, it’s surely because you like to read these little things about them and their lives. That’s what it’s all about, if you ask me (which you didn’t), and not just adding person after person so that everyone thinks you’re the most popular person in all blogland.

I’ve deleted him now anyway – I wonder if he’ll notice. See, I would notice!

And here, in keeping with the theme, have some useless information about me today: I’ve just eaten the bitterest Granny Smith apple I’ve ever had. It actually brought tears to my eyes. So, there you go.

(I actually got rather annoyed writing that post, as it happens. It seems that I’m very easily irritated about the things that matter least these days. And not nearly passionate enough at all about the things that matter most, alas: namely finishing of a thesis.)

2 responses to “2,000 BFFs

  1. When i used to be on LJ and Blurty, the whole ‘friends’ thing used to irk me so. Because it was exactly like a teenaged popularity contest and i hated them as a teen and hate them now. And you make a good point – how in the world does anyone keep up with anything going on in 2,000 lives? Mind you, 50% of them have probably drifted away from LJ and their journals, but who would this guy know, right?

    That said, i’m glad i stumbled on and started with Blurty all those years ago and are still in contact with you. (Don’t worry, we don’t have to exchange hugs here.)

    Re: Bitter Granny. I dislike fruit for precisely that reason. You can guarantee the consistency. Sweet one day, sour the next, crunchy one day, powdery the next. Gah!

  2. LJ can be like that, yes, but I keep my f-list smallish and I only list people I actually want to read. I don’t let teenagers within 100 feet of it!

    Aw, bless you! I met so many lovely people on Blurty, and I remain great friends with them now. Pity that site went so useless.

    You’re right about Granny Smiths – I love them but that one just about ruined them for me.

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