Racism is everywhere

When I started using WordPress a while ago I had a trawl around its most popular journals and happened upon NotMySecrets. I added it to my friends surfer because I thought it would be very like PostSecret which I love. As it turns out, I’m a little annoyed by it really. Granted there are a few ‘secrets’ on there that one would expect to see on such a site like, say, My Neighbours are Swingers but then you find items like these, also – One Drop At Least and It’s on Video Maybe – which are simply overtly racist. The first claims that Nicole Richie is, in fact, black, and that this is significant and important somehow; and the second claims that although some wife or other employs the ‘n’ word, there’s some evidence to suggest that she has, in fact, licked chocolate off her lips. This, you’ll be delighted to learn, means that she’s performed oral sex on a black person.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I just don’t get the point of either of these – particularly the first one. Perhaps at a stretch I can see the ‘irony’ of the second one – after all, anyone who describes black people in racist terms would, presumably, not be likely to perform oral sex on a black person – but the way such a ‘joke’ is expressed sickens me, frankly. These sentiments, for want of a better word, are racist. The fact that they’re without point is a secondary issue.

I’m generally insulated from racism, thankfully, because none of my immediate world is in anyway racist. It makes it easy to forget that racism is still rife (and in some places, growing, I dare say) but when I see things like I’m reminded.

There’s a message board I used to post on where some of the members are unashamedly anti-Muslim. They blame all Muslims for the international terrorist attacks which have taken place in the last five years; and although they are aware that all Muslims aren’t terrorists, they attribute guilt to peaceful Muslims for allowing Muslim terrorists to do as they do. This is a mentality I can’t understand. I think it’s nothing more and nothing less than a racist mindset. And, although they go to great lengths to justify their convictions, I’m not sure I think of them any differently to how I think of the posters I’ve pointed out above.

I don’t get racism. I never have. I don’t understand how someone can think less of another person because of their skin colour; and I don’t understand how entire peoples and cultures can be demonised for the same reason. If anyone wants to explain why they think this way to me, I’d be interested from an intellectual viewpoint to learn. Although I’ll never, ever respect it.

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