Some television discussion – somewhat after the fact

I’ve found the most wonderful detective series. It’s set in a monastery in 12th century Shrewsbury (England) and sees Brother Cadfael hopping about the place solving what ever mystery happens upon him. It’s fantastic! What more do you want in a detective show, huh? It also has a rather sinister edge to it, at times, and I just love me a bit of the old sinister-ment. It comes in book form as well, I’ve been told, so perhaps that would suit some of you better.

What I’ve found very disappointing, though, is the BBC’s newest adaptation of Robin Hood. I know it’s Robin Hood for this generation because this generation wouldn’t have seen the Robin Hood we grew up with, but it’s so wooden and contrived. I thought it would be a lot more… something. It does have the odd sexy cast member, though, Robin Hood included, which sort of makes up for it but it’s not enough. I watched three or four episodes out of the corner of my eye and then forgot about it completely.

What’s been equally disappointing, sadly, is Torchwood (the Doctor Who spin off). I was filled with glee before the first episode and pretty much all the way through it; but come the second one, I realised just how awful it was. Captain Jack is a tortured soul, which he just shouldn’t be; Gwen is the most irritating woman ever to have graced the screens of Britain; and the other three are so nondescript I have nothing to say about them. I think one might be called Owen. I’ve missed the last few episodes although I’m told that the one coming this Sunday (the 17th) will be worth watching. I’ll probably still pass, though.

In non-TV-related news, I’ve recently started listening to The Archers again, and I’m loving it. No longer are they running around the place in wellies doing welly-related things (or at least that’s how I remember it); they’re all sexed up and dirty these days. Affairs and everything! Seriously, it’s marvellous! And you can stream it from Radio 4 online whenever you want! Do it!

4 responses to “Some television discussion – somewhat after the fact

  1. The Archers have been sexed up for a while. I used to listen in sometimes when the Hub insisted on listening to the program in the car during the ride home from work (a couple of years ago), and i couldn’t cope with it. Too much a-shagging for my delicate ears… well, more than i expected to hear on a BBC radio prog, anyway. One really doesn’t expect that from the Beeb!

  2. That’s hilarious! I love it since I discovered it was all sexed up (and I didn’t realise it had been that way for a while). But you’re right when you say that it’s not what you expect from the Beeb!

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