Some music recommendations

There have been some fantastic releases recently, music-wise, and I want to tell you about them. Actually, some of these were released some time ago, come to think of it, but anyway.

Right then.

One of my favourite recent discoveries (way behind everyone else) is the Guillemots, who are a catchy almost-poppy little outfit. They’re the perfect compliment to dancing around one’s bedroom, although I don’t suppose I’ve been doing nearly enough of that lately.

My other favourite find has been one Neko Case who has the voice of a little angel. speak of her smoky, sophisticated vocals and I suppose that describes her as well as anything else. She’s wonderful. A mention should also go to Emily Haines, who’s the lead with Metric and doing some of her own stuff at the moment; and Jenny Lewis, the lead with Rilo Kiley, who’s also doing some of her own stuff. Oh, add Sia to this list of Gorgeous Sounding Women too. She’s done a lot of stuff with other bands, but is possibly best known for her contribution to Zero 7’s Simple Things. I could still listen to that album all day and all night.

The Gossip have been taking the world by storm and it’s a very well-deserved acclaim. If you’re interested, seek out their latest release, Standing In The Way Of Control, and I’m sure you won’t be sorry.

Similarly, the Long Blondes are receiving the adoration and respect they deserve for their marvellous Someone to Drive you Home.

Who else? The Noisettes are due to get a lot of attention in 2007, I believe, and while I don’t dislike their latest release, I’m not enjoying it as much as I thought I would. It is growing on me, though. And seeing that most people seem to disagree with me about this, my first impressions are perhaps wrong.

Oh, and how could I forget Jarvis! This is Cocker’s first album since his days with Pulp, and it proves, once more, that the man is nothing sort of genius. Nuff said. Shame he got married before he met me.

Others worth a mention are Razorlight’s Razorlight, which is head and shoulders above their début album; The Killers’ Sam’s Town which continues to thrill me to pieces; and Fratellis’ Costello Music which is having much the same effect.

Oh, and if you’re an unashamed Girls Aloud fan like me (I love ’em and that’s all there is to it!) then you should buy yourself their greatest hits for Christmas. I have indeed downloaded it.

I shall be giving Tom Waits’ Orphans a proper listen one of these days, although he didn’t sound quite right when I saw his performance on the Daily Show recently, but praise the Gods that there is always Stuart Staples (of Tindersticks) Leaving Songs to fall back on. His voice will live forever.

That’s all for now. More perhaps when I get some time.

4 responses to “Some music recommendations

  1. Oh believe me, it stuns me too! But I love, love, love dancing around to them! It’s great (but naff) pop music! I don’t care much for the girls themselves. In fact, I don’t know anything about them but I imagine they’re all annoying little hussies.

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