My Best Friend – the Scifi

I haven’t been in any mood to update much lately, mainly because I haven’t been been sleeping at all well and it’s been making me grumpy, demotivated and anxious. But here I am, anyway.

I’ve just watched the last two episodes of Torchwood, which have been televised numerous times over the last few days. I really never stop changing my mind on how I feel about this show. Having watched the last two episodes, I’m now rather of the opinion that it’s very clever and well written and that I do actually care about the fate of at least some of the characters in it. I was moved to moments of glee in the penultimate episode, and to actual tears in the last episode, so clearly it must be able to reach me in some way or other. I suppose I can conclude my uncertainty by stating that I’m looking forward to the second series now, when a week ago I wouldn’t have cared if it never graced our screens again.

In related news, I watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special yesterday, and I loved it!* It’s almost as if the part was written for Catherine Tate, she acted it so well and in keeping with a number of her well-known comedy characters. (Actually, it probably was written for her, right?) Not to mention that I could look at David Tennant all day, and I think he makes a wonderful Doctor, so it was truly a marvellous show. Did I mention how happy I was to hear that he’s not leaving Doctor Who after all? Very, that was.

— — — — —

* Favourite lines/ jokes that spring easily to mind:
‘You had the reception without me!!!’
‘Yes, thank you NERRIS!!!’
‘Pockets… they’re bigger on the inside!’

2 responses to “My Best Friend – the Scifi

  1. I love Torchwood (I think I’ve told you that) and I love Doctor Who. I don’t think I like David Tennant as much as you tho.

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