Television catchup

I caught up on some TV last night (that the housemate had kindly recorded for me).

First, there was the The Green Wing finale and special. I enjoyed it for the most part but it just went on forever. I normally prefer when they keep the story lines in the hospital so that all the characters can interact with each other, but in the special, they had several different story lines happening all over the place. Dr Statham was in Cornwall somewhere and he wasn’t nearly as funny as he used to be with his sidekick Boyce. Harriet et al staged some sort of coup in the office which was just dull, and even Guy wasn’t as hilariously arrogant and obnoxious as he usually is. I was delighted that it all ended happily, of course, but I think they could have reached a conclusion sooner and in a much funnier way. I’ll miss the old Green Wing though, it has to be said. And I’m very much crushing on this chap right now.

Then I watched This Life +10 which was wonderful. It, rather obviously, updated us on what the characters in The Life – Milly, Egg, Anna, Miles and Warren – have been doing in the ten years since they shared a house together. I won’t go into those details in case you haven’t watched it yet, but I will tell you that I was delighted to see that Miles is as arrogant, Anna as dysfunctional, Egg as lost, Milly as neurotic, and Warren as optimistic as ever. But they all seemed to be more vulnerable and less sure of themselves then they were ten years ago, so while they still had the same traits, they were less able to hide behind them as effectively as they once were. I also liked how it was filmed in the same casual way, with doors closing, papers rustling, people talking in the background etc. I really loved it.

This morning before I left the house, I watched the second half of an episode of Upstairs Downstairs (I love ITV3), which is a perfect way to spend a Sunday morning. The episode ended with Lord Bellamy dictating a message to Lady Bellamy which was to be sent to the ship she was sailing to America on, and it read:

‘April 1912, for the attention of Lady Bellamy, berth no. 41, HMS Titainic…’

ERK!!!!! Fantastic!

9 responses to “Television catchup

  1. This Life was great and I agree with you that the characters turned out just like I’d expected. I wish it was still on!

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