Oh me nerves!

The housemate downloaded a copy of Children of Men recently and he was watching it the other night. I caught the first and last half hours, but not the middle part. (I ran out of both patience and time.) The premise is that the world in 2027 is in chaos: women are infertile and the last baby was born eighteen years ago. The plot centres around one girl who is fertile, and Clive Owen‘s quest to save her from the government which is desperate to get its hands on her, and to get her to the ‘Human Project’ which can help both her and her child. At least I think that’s what it’s about: it’s along those lines anyway.

It wasn’t for me, really. I’m not sure if it was because it was too realistic (imagine such a world!) or because it was too unrealistic (as if that would happen!). I think it was the latter, really, because I wasn’t believing any of it and therefore I wasn’t really interested in it. (I don’t understand sci-fi, frankly.) But most of all, I didn’t like it because it was just too intense and dramatic for me. I don’t do well with those sorts of shows at all. Take 24 for example: I just can’t watch it (much to my housemate’s displeasure). I sit there palpitating looking at everything that’s going on: the four action-packed screens at once, Jack Bauer disappearing again, the evil President plotting against the world (familiar anyone?), and the shooting and the maiming and the bombing and the punching and the fighting and the killing. It. Just. Never. Stops.

Oh me nerves!!!

Prison Break‘s the same. I tried to watch the first series (again with the housemate), but I couldn’t cope with their plans for escape being thwarted at every turn. I used to scream inwardly at the television: ‘Would you just [quite literally] give these men a frickin break already?!’ (I like to adopt an American persona when watching American shows), but they never did. When I last saw it, they had had to add yet another troublesome inmate to their list of escapees, and they had reached yet another wall or pipe or person or something obstructive while digging their way through the prison plans yer man had tattooed on him. This show, too, was all too much for me nerves. I think they got out in the end, but the saga now continues on the outside. I’d be run ragged!

See, reader(s), I like Coronation Street (there’s no better parody and wit on the box), and Eastenders when I’m not feeling depressed. Nothing ever happens in those shows apart from people being rude to each other in ways that you never see in real life, and the odd serial killing. They’re great craic and my nerves don’t mind it at all when Phil Mitchell with his big red face is hurling someone out of the Vic or suchlike. It’s easy viewing and I wish there was more of it for people of nervous dispositions like me. This action carry-on is very overrated.

Perchance, I shall write to the BBC…

4 responses to “Oh me nerves!

  1. I’m a fan of 24. I like the drama and the suspense and the twists and turns. But, like you, Prison Break simply didn’t cut the mustard with me. My response: “Someone send these guys a copy of ‘Midnight Express’ (book, ’cause it’s less obvious than a DVD, which for one, do they watch DVDs in prison?, and two, if they did i’m sure it’d be confiscated in a flash by the wardens) and tell them to get over themselves and get on with it!”

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