Big Brother racism

In further ranting news, it appears that that the Carphone Warehouse has suspended its Big Brother sponsorship.

The Carphone Warehouse Group (“Carphone Warehouse”) today announces that it is suspending its sponsorship of Channel 4’s Celebrity Big Brother programme. Charles Dunstone, CEO of The Carphone Warehouse said: “Our concern has rapidly mounted about the broadcast behaviour of individuals within the Big Brother house. We are totally against all forms of racism and bullying and indeed this behaviour is entirely at odds with the brand values of The Carphone Warehouse. As a result we feel that as long as this continues we are unable to associate our brand with the programme.

“We had already made it clear to Channel 4 that were this to continue, we would have to consider our position. Nothing we saw last night gave us any comfort. Accordingly we have instructed Channel 4 to remove our sponsorship name and branding with immediate effect.”

I’m not surprised.

We watched Big Brother in our house last night. Scottish was particularly sickened, I think, but I certainly wasn’t far behind him. Jade was nothing short of hysterical, and those two insipid girls she’s befriended are much too brainless to do anything but laugh at her. I admire Shilpa for keeping her calm and dignity in the face of such abuse, but I’m disgusted with this country of ours for awarding ‘celebrity’ to people like Jade Goody. God GOD, what is she? And of course they’re being racist, Ofcom! ‘I wish she’d just fuck off home!’ ‘She doesn’t even know how to speak English!’ ‘Maybe they eat with their hands where she’s from?’ ‘Go back to the slums… ‘ What is not racist about that, exactly? Calling it ‘the bitchiness of girls’ is trivialising something very serious.

I don’t think I’m going to watch any more of Big Brother because it’s not deserving of viewers, frankly. The sooner they pull the plug on it (and Jade) the better.

I better stop now for I’m fearful of giving myself a heart attack. Breathe…

— —

Edited some time later to add this. It’s from but that shouldn’t make it any less interesting or conspiratorial.

Since Jade Goody shot to fame on Channel 4 she has had the same management as Celebrity Big Brother host Davina McCall, and both Big Brother spin-off show hosts, Dermot O’Leary and Russell Brand, as well as last year’s Celebrity Big Brother winner Chantelle. So is it any surprise that C4 and CBB producers are so reticent about condemning the racist bullying, led by Jade, on their show? They have their own interests to protect.


18 responses to “Big Brother racism

  1. When I heard that Jade and fam was going to be on BB my first reaction was WTF??! Ive never really liked Jade but I thought, Ok ill give her the benefit of the doubt, I was actually starting to like her when all these came up. Racism and descrimination in any kind is unnaceptable. I have suffered from it in my teens and comments like that are very hurtful, and it does affect you. I think Jade is just an unintelligent and narrowminded so and so… as far as Im concerned she can just go back where she came from!

  2. Hi Ria.

    Jade is indeed unintelligent and narrow minded. She’s also, unfortunately for others, very vicious. Part of me thinks that it’s not even her fault. If you were watching it a week ago, you’ll have seen her mother who’s absolutely vile (for many of the same reasons that Jade is), so it’s not as if Jade had the best example.

    (I’m so judgmental! What a bitch!)

    That’s said, there is no excuse for her behaviour.

  3. Blue, so do I! I jump for joy when I see the email digest coming into my inbox of a Thursday.

    Sorry to lower the intellectual level here.

    Oi! There be no intellectualism in here, I tells ya! Slander! 😉

  4. You know, everybody yanks the race card every chance they get. This is not RACISM, this is just your normal b!tc#y behaviour between women, three of whom are jealous of another.

    Besides, you cannot be racist against your own race and Indians and Brits are both caucasions. Fact is, we probably migrated from there if you believe what I read about the languages in Europe and India having common roots.

    Jealousy and prejudiced? Jealous for sure. Maybe prejudice but hey, it is a fine tradition to call white people with whom you have a disagreement a racist. Were they wrong for their comments? Surely. Racist? Nope. Are New Yorkers racist because they make fun of my Southern drawl? Nope. Then again, I have American Indian blood, Choctaw, so perhaps I should scream racism. Surely there is a buck to be made somewhere in there.

    Prejudice and racism aren’t the same thing. While I know it is probably going to cause you heartburn to have an American give you an English lesson, you need to understand this.

    Congratulations. Britain is in a tizzy over a catfight between women who have a prejudiced, NOT racist, attitude.

    …but I still say it is just tempers between women cooped up in the same freakin’ space for days on end.

  5. …and for the record, I would have defended Ms. Shetty had I been there because I cannot stand the way they behaved. It is just wrong to call this racism.

    These reality shows CHOOSE abrasive personalities because the sparks fly, so odn’t go all high and mighty with moral outrage when they do exactly what you knew they would do.

    Get it right.

  6. Wish I could edit my posts here. I promise to take more time before I post next time. I just read more about Ms. Shetty and I have to say I am impressed by her. She refused to be seen in a bikini if what I am reading is to be believed…which I choose to do.

    Now, can anyone not see how someone who would refuse to be seen in a bikini would irritate the s#!t outo fo someone who decides to be a tart and show her a$$ to all the world?

    While I stand by my refusal to accept this as racism, I really hope Ms. Shetty understands that the average Brit or American is not to be judged by the standards of a woman who hasn’t got enough morals to know she needs to keep her clothes on in public.

    Neat blog, BTW. Good design.

  7. Tim, thanks for your comments. I disagree, however, and I think that calling it simple female bitchiness is trivialising both women and racism. If men were saying the same things to and about Shilpa, would that just be men bitching or would it then be racism? Is it easy and convenient to write this off as bitchiness because it involves women?

    I don’t have any doubt that Jade, Danielle and Jo are very jealous of Shilpa and it’s possible that their envy is manifesting itself in this way; nonetheless, what they are saying is still racist.

    Are they overtly racist people? I don’t know. Are they aware that what they’re saying is racist? I don’t know that either. Is what they’re saying racist, nonetheless? Yes, I think it is.

    I have enormous admiration for Shilpa, too, for the way she’s handled this.

  8. Big Brother is such a conundrum. The point of it is nothing more than a lab rat experiment on human beings – put them all in a cage and see how they’ll react. Well, of course it’s pretty much going to be like Lord of the Flies- ugly vicious behaviour and survival of the least vulnerable. Stick someone as criminally stupid as Jade in there, and that will only increase the likelihood of horrifying behaviour. So, in some ways, BB has finally made a point. We can all watch this performance and see for ourselves how unacceptable racist bullying is. What isn’t so acceptable is the consequences. It would be good if after the programme, the careers (?) of people like Dani and Jo and Jade were over because of their actions. The sad thing is, I think they’ll be in the press more than ever because of it. General opinion will be outraged now, and then the celebrity machine will get going, because money can be made out of the British public whenever they have strong emotions about something…

    I can’t help but feel that we should just bin the whole show. It’s ultimately about voyeurism, unless it follows through on its points.

  9. Agreed, litlove. I too wish they would just bin the whole thing. Now that the sponsors have pulled out, and Ofcom are under pressure, the BB people will have to have a think.

    And I always naively believe that things like this will ruin the careers of those who deserve it, but you’re right when you say that the majority on the British public lives for stuff like this.

  10. >>>I’m disgusted with this country of ours for awarding ‘celebrity’ to people like Jade Goody. God GOD, what is she?

    Well said – that’s exactly how I’ve always felt about the vile sub-human beast-woman. Everywhere I look she’s all over fucking media. Why? Sweet monkey Jesus, WHY?

    (Hello, btw – I like yer blog)

  11. Racism or not, it’s unpleasant and unacceptable behaviour first and foremost. I’m inclined to think that the root of it is actually nothing to do with race, although it is being expressed in a racist way because that’s a convenient thing that a bunch of not-very-bright people can pick up on. I am convinced that Shilpa would be getting exactly the same sort of abuse, even if not in the same words, if she had happened to be white.

    Consider. She’s got brains. She is phenomenally successful and very rich (it’s the equivalent of getting someone like Cameron Diaz to participate). She has class and style, and, perhaps most unforgivably of all to the crass and stupid, she can cook really well, so she gets to eat the sort of food that she enjoys rather than having to put up with ready meals or unsuccessful improvisations.

    This bullying may be expressed in racist terms, but at rock bottom I am quite sure it is plain and simple envy. They want what she’s got and they can’t have it, so they’re giving her grief. That’s just as reprehensible, if you ask me.

  12. miss_next: I see your point indeed, but I think that it’s probably a combination of both. The things they are saying are the stereotypes racists have of non-white, non-Western culture (that’s it’s dirty and uncivilised etc.)

    I think that the girls are certainly envious but I’m not convinced that a white woman, of equal success, would be so abused. The envy (and what I think is inner frustration on Jade’s part) is manfesting itself in racism but that doesn’t make it any less racist.

  13. I’m not denying that it is racism, simply saying that that isn’t all there is to it. Whatever it is, it’s dreadful and should be stopped asap!

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