Shameful humiliation

I want to draw your attention to this. It’s a segment on a radio station in Yorkshire where the DJ dumps someone live on air on behalf of someone else. I’ve only listened to this one, and it was quite enough. I feel sick.

My friend B. wrote about but I won’t quote directly from her. My [shortened] version is this:

– A bloke called Craig writes a letter to a radio station to tell them that he’s found out that his girlfriend, Angie, to whom he was about to propose, gave her boss a blowjob at the Christmas party.

– Danny the DJ agrees to play a ‘little trick’ on Angie by phoning her pretending to be the jeweler where Craig bought the £2,000 engagement ring.

– The ‘jeweller’ asks to speak to Craig and then ‘lets slip’ to Angie that Craig is about to propose to her. He goes on to ask her how she feels about that. She’s delighted, she says, because she and Craig have a wonderful relationship and she can’t wait to get married and to start having babies.

– A lifetime later, after Danny’s cruelly joined in her excitement, he tells her that it’s a setup. He announces to her, shouting, that Craig knows what she’s done and that she’s now DUMPED! He also implicates her married boss somewhere along the way.

– This is greeted with pained silence on the other end of the phone.

– Danny then says something like, ‘You’re just a tart. We’re going to an ad-break’ and hangs up the phone.

It’s shocking.

The audio is here, if you care to listen. It’s really vile so I wouldn’t recommend it to the faint of heart. It’s called ‘DANNY DUMPS: ANGIE’ and it’s at the bottom of the listen again box.

Clearly this Danny is an cruel misogynistic fuckwit. The pleasure he derives from persecuting this poor girl is horrific. I don’t know if she did what she’s been accused of, but from listening to her, she’s clearly very innocent in many ways of the world.

This is one of the most shameful things I’ve heard in as long as I can remember, and I’m really rather speechless about it. I hope he gets run over by a bus on the way home. I really do.

P.S. I’m not condoning cheating in any form. But this… this is too much.

39 responses to “Shameful humiliation

  1. Oh my god. That is absolutely disgusting behaviour. What a nasty piece of work. I know I can’t get Galaxy locally, but I’m writing a fucking letter of complaint. That is just awful. Regardless of whether she did that, that was unacceptable radio.

  2. Blue, I’m thinking of writing a letter of complaint too. I’m so annoyed and upset by it, and I think that the producers of the programme should hear about the wrath this has caused.

    (I see that a number of people on my friend B’s livejournal will be writing in about it. Apparently the clip was re-broadcast today on a station in Dublin, which is where she heard it, so they’ll possibly be writing to both stations. Oh, and it was re-broadcast in a, ‘Isn’t this hilarious?’ rather than, ‘Isn’t this disgusting?’ way, of course. Some people have no fucking sense.)

  3. I just complained to Galaxy and to Ofcom. I can’t believe that cretins like this get into radio (and TV and the press) when there are loads of good, hard working people out there who aren’t malicious like this struggling to get a job – I was involved in student radio for over 2 years and I know that only a handful of the really talented guys Iworked with will get anywhere!!

    What a nasty place this world can be.

  4. Ofcom have a form on their site – yes they say that they are swamped with CBB at the moment lol.

    Also emailed Galaxy as they have a complaint form here:

    Also letters to:
    Brett Tobin
    Programme Manager/Controller
    Galaxy Radio
    Joseph’s Well,
    Hanover Walk,
    LS3 1AB

    And Daniel Owen
    Director of Regulatory and Public Affairs at Chrysalis
    The Chrysalis Building
    Bramley Road
    London W10 6SP

  5. You’ve been busy! I’ll say again: good for you! And thanks for the info. I’ve been very het up about this and Big Brother today so I think I need to calm down before I start writing letters or making complaints.

    (Hope you’re OK, by the way.)

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  7. yeah… gal is pure in so many ways probably mostly between her legs, glad to see that justice had taken place, poor fellow – you have great plans for future toward this one person and she turns out to be a cheap whore giving head to her boss.. that’s disgusting

  8. I listened to it and I felt an embarrised sympathy for the girl. My deeper sympathy lies with Craig (boyfriend, presumibly now X) and the boss’s family. I have about as much sympathy for the boss and the girl. I agree that Danny and team are cruel but I would not call him misogynistic, as he seems to deal out similar abuse regardles of gender.

    I can’t understand why anyone would claim “she’s clearly very innocent in many ways of the world.” The first things she asked was the fake jewler was “how much is it worth”.

  9. Why on earth would you complain? This women has cheated on her boyfriend of 4 years! He was about to propose to her and then he found out – dont you think that would be completely gut wrenching?

    In my opinion (and of everyone else ive spoken to) i think this is justice. Yes she was disgraced on the radio, but why shouldn’t lying cheats be exposed?

    Also, how can you say she is innocent? you don’t even know this women. I honestly think you should all sort your facts before getting on your high horses. Galaxy will simply put your letters in the bin for being so pathetic.

    rant over.

  10. All this alleged to have taken place. His ” friend” told him. I’m amazed at the radio station as they would be wide open for legal action, by the girls boss, the girls family, etc. I wonder if they have checked up on this. Anyway it a sick, real sick thing to do live on radio. How low have they sank in the name of “entertainment”

  11. I’ll start at the top.

    NC: in answer to answer your question, I would mention about her delighted reaction when she heard that Craig was about to propose to her, her inability to respond when she heard the ‘joke’, and the very fact itself that the first thing on her mind was material. I always find those who are more simplistic and naive in nature to be the most materialistic also.

    Richard: totally agree! Let’s bring back public humiliation for all women if they commit any sexual misdemeanours. Take them out and flog them all, of course. It’s still the seventeenth century, praise the Gods! Isn’t it…

    And everyone I’ve spoken to agrees that this is disgraceful. A number of these people have also made complaints. Perhaps we’ll agree to disagree. You can always flog me – I’m sure I deserve it.

    DH: that was my reaction too. Clever Danny has implicated a lot of people there, based on hearsay. Good work!

  12. Danny does the same thing to men that cheat on their girlfriends. (On their website they have 4 calls, 2 to men and 2 to women.) It isn’t discrimination against women at all! In my opinion anyone who cheats on their partner doesn’t deserve any respect and therefore should be exploited. Whether its the 17th century or the 21st cheating on any level is wrong – unless you have something to feel guilty about?

    Put it this way, if i ever cheated on my gf (which i wouldnt) i would know that i would deserve any thing coming in my direction.

    I reccomend you listen to the calls to Ben and Adam on the website'S+DAILY+DOSE&id=291672 to give you a more balanced view.


  13. I will listen to them when I get back to a faster connection.

    I’m afraid I don’t understand this ‘exploitation’ angle at all. Exploited for what? Our entertainment? A ‘deterrence’ effect? The bolstering of our ‘moral codes’? Clearly you see more merit in exploiting cheaters than I do (I see none at all), and rather more importantly, I think that it’s an embarrassing indictment on our society today that that’s where we have to go to get our entertainment. Who needs Shakespeare when we have Danny and the Cheaters, huh!

    And of course it’s all to do with me having something personal and terrible to hide! It always has to be about the micro when the macro is too uncomfortable for people.

  14. haha, sucked in to the cheating scum. if they were in my country i’d prolly do it to my ex too. anyone that cheats on the people that love them, and try to give them the best deserve nothing more than to be publicly shamed.

  15. She got what she wanted, to be told she’s a tart. Great dumping skills. She’s hurt him in the biggest possible way, what goes around mate. You bleeding hearts think this is not right eh, well that’s life get over yourselves!

  16. That was awesome! In this case two wrongs make a right (:. I could imagine that she must have felt nauseated when she found out. Maybe it was something she ate?!?! From elation to be crushed. Just how he felt. Hmmm.

  17. Good heavens.

    The doormat mentality by the blokes here astounds and befuddles me.

    You gents miss the part where our poor little lass figures out its an engagement and, as her first inquiry thereafter, implores the deej to tell her “what it worth?”

    No, she does not break down in a rapture of love at the fact her man has sought her as is forever woman, as his queen till all time ends. Instead, she’s drawn first to how many pounds the ring is worth. Now there’s class.

    You think this is despicable, but I think the crueler part is that even after everyone at her workplace knew she had tonked hew on boss’s crank, she had not the decency to come clean with her mate of 4 years. Figure this poor bloke goes to bring her lunch at work and finds out thataway? Any worse?

    Cheatin is the lowest of the low. I haven’t a problem with humiliating and berating anyone, man or woman, who would lose heart in such a way. You Nancy_Boys just let your ladies know you have naught for spines. Let me know how it feels when they walk all over you.

  18. I have just listened to this. My first thought was to go and try and find out more about what happened after the tape-recorders stopped rolling.

    I have sympathy with those who are unforgiving in their condemnation of the girl’s behaviour, but to be so publicly humiliated? No. I do not believe that is right. It is far worse than the humiliation allegedly perpetrated by the girl. I understand that “Craig” must be feeling let down, humiliated and even angry, but this is not the right way. It is a form of retribution that is out of proportion to the original misdemeanour.

    Those of you who are hankering for some good old fashioned Old Testament “eye for an eye” must surely see that this public shaming is more akin to a life for an eye.

    Does that make me a doormat? No. Personally I don’t think so. If I was in the same position as Craig I would also have called off the wedding. What I would not have done is to do it in this manner.

  19. hey guys

    this is one of those things that either delights or offends – loads of rife conversation here and on a few other blogs too about this Danny Dumps guy and his attack/defense plan of action.

    I’m just about to launch a new project about Staying Single and I’ve featured this clip on there – in addition to story about a girl who decides to stay single for a year, I’m also compiling a series of mini documentaries to run alongside the story – reasons people give for dumping their partner (some sad, some wicked) and also chat up lines (from the cheesy to the hilarious, the cunning to the cringeworthy).

    You all seem to be pretty savvy with what works and what doesn’t – fancy coming over for a look – see what’s going on?

    I’m looking for some chat up/dumping scenarios – if anyone fancies emailing a short vid clip (maybe even recorded from your mobile) – to, or to leave a comment on the blog, please feel free.

    Would be great to add to my collection – the project goes live on 23rd April – so let’s see if you could help me get some NICE ways to dump your partner, or even better – some fail-safe chat up lines that always, ALWAYS work!!!

    And by the way – I think Danny Dumps is a bollox – he’s so over-excited about pulling this one off, loses any credibility (imho)

  20. What a laugh it was brilliant very funny great entertainment. When people cheat they don’t think of the consequences or pain caused to others, she sounded very materialistic her first question was “how much is it worth” what a TART and in a toiler dirty bag! Well done Danny and best of luck to Chris for having the balls to let this happen, she should have stuck to sucking yours!

  21. Betrayers get what they deserve and deserve what they get.

    Good grief, I can’t believe you guys are sympathetic to such an evil tart?!? As Moby says, her first question was about how much the ring was worth ie. how much her fella valued her. At £2,000 – I think he overvalued her by at least £1,999.50p! To think people are complaining to the authorities on her behalf is hilarious – where’s your sympathy for the guy so in love with her and then his humiliation in front of all his friends who must have heard what had happened at that party. He had had his dreams for the rest of his life destroyed in the most cruel and horrendous way possible, short of walking in on them himself.

    I think he had every right to the payback he chose, I only hope the boss got what he deserved to for betraying his family. Presumably you sympathise with the blokes who have their cars trashed by betrayed wives? Who do you complain to on their behalf?

    As to doing the dumping ‘On air’, I think we need to know who these people are that value their partners so little to protect the rest of us from falling for them. I guess love doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. I’m just thankfull I’ve never had to experience what that poor guy had to suffer.

  22. Let this be a lesson to ALL cheats. The girl clearly deserved to be dumped but I feel her ex will perhaps feel it was O.T.T once he has cooled down. A more dignified appoach would have been private. To dump her would have been her wake-up call in itself and she could ponder on her stupid behaviour and quesion herself about true love and loyalty. I think the pair of them will be scarred by this and a sorry outcome all round. (Go for councelling Craig if you read this.)

  23. What is this…? letter of complaint, howabout you have a Lemsip and a wank and sit in the corner untill you die, because if you can’t take that you won’t survive the outside world!
    You have obviously never had the rage and betrayal felt when someone cheats on you, the reptilian part of the brain kicks in and once satered it’s the best feeling, and by jove that fella deserved some closure!
    Fuck you feminists, if it was a man being dumped it would be A’OK, but you’re such a hypocritical bunch wrapped up in your own self-centered angst ridden ideologies that you haven’t had an objective opinion in years!
    This was comedy gold i just hope it broke that girls heart and she begged for forgiveness!

    Good Day!

  24. And yet the question remains…DID she cheat?

    As it is, this Craig is going to propose but dumps her because of a 2nd hand story about which he does nothing to verify. His GF, after all, doesn’t seem to have even heared the office rumours Craig says are going on. Or acted on knowing she was discovered in the act.

    And maybe the witness was drunk or mistaken, even leaving aside the rumours that she was his ex.

    4 years together and he dumps her, publically humiliates her because someone tells him a story he doesn’t know is true or false and doesn’t bother finding out.

    Maybe there is more to the story. Almost certainly is. But she was thrilled, ecstatic even, at learning about the ring. Sure, she asked how much it was worth but so do most girls I know. First thing out of my sisters mouth when she found out my brother had bought a ring? How much did it cost? But she was obviously thrilled. And just as obviously shocked speechless at the end. Maybe even sobbing.

    So…maybe Angie cheat. If so, Craigs better off. But she is also better off without Craig, a BF who dumped her, humiliated her and arranged for a cruel mind game to be played on her on the sayso of a third party.

    Not much of a BF there. As it is…I’d like to know more. Was the accusation true? Did Craig just pull a cruel prank as a way to dump her? Lots to think about.

  25. If Angie did cheat, as Craig has proved what he’s capable of one has to wonder what degree of provocation she was under – People who are really happy with their partners do not cheat, and it’s probable that Craig showed her glimpses of his true colours (as a sadistic, mind-game playing, bunny-boiling, misogynistic FREAK) long before the office party. And yes, I hope Angie took action against him and the radio station too.

  26. What? How can any of you stick up for this disgusting, lying, filthy little slut?

    She had lied to her boyfriend and went behind his back in the most degrading way she could, by sucking her boss off in a toilet cubicle.

    The poor guy obviously loved her so much that he wanted to marry her.

    The bitch got everything she deserved, If you’re in a relationship with someone you just don’t go with anyone else & that’s it.

    If you do you deserve everything like this and a whole lot more.

    I hope her boss’s wife gives her an absolute tanking aswell.

    Cheap little whore.

    • “She had lied to her boyfriend and went behind his back in the most degrading way she could, by sucking her boss off in a toilet cubicle.”

      >>>And this is – from our pov – something which we don’t know actually happened. From the story, Craig…never mind us…isn’t sure that it happened. He is acting on third hand information from a source who may have been drunk herself. No to mention the reports this friend was interested in Craig herself. Nor do we know if Angie may heve been coerced in some fashion…it DOES happen.

      As Lilli pointed out, Craigs method of dumping Angie was also highly cruel. It doesn’t say a lot for his character. That he did so after hearing rumours, also says a lot about the relationship.

      You can’t condone cheating. But you also cannot judge without knowing the true and full story – which we don’t have. You can’t assume Angie cheated just because a friend of a friend of Craigs said so.

  27. Whatever mate, if this IS the story then she’s a cheating bitch and deserved more than what she got.

    Infact I think he should have knocked her about.

    He wouldn’t have phoned the radio if he wasn’t sure if she’d done it or not, that’d be ridiculous…so I’m judging.

  28. Whatever mate, if this IS the story then she’s a cheating bitch and deserved more than what she got.

    >>The story is essentially “A friend of my mate told me this so I’m going to chuck my GF of the past few years in the most painful and humiliating way possible without even bothering to see if its true”.

    That doesn’t speak volumes for HIS character.

    Infact I think he should have knocked her about.

    >>>Because physical assault is such a wonderful tool in any relationship?

    He wouldn’t have phoned the radio if he wasn’t sure if she’d done it or not, that’d be ridiculous…so I’m judging.

    >>>And unfortuantely, there are indeed people out there who would overreact and do just that. Is he one of them? We don’t know.

    At the end of the day, however, people are vilifying Angie because Craig set this up. Did she cheat? We don’t know. Maybe she did, maybe she didn’t. Was this unnecessarily cruel? Definitely.

  29. I don’t approach every issue I come up against on the internet with the outlook that it could be true, but might not.

    The story for me was, she cheated…then got what she deserved.

    Good on the guy for not being such a mug and being walked all over.

    If I’m wrong, fair enough poor girl, but as the story goes bitch got what she deserved.

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