Hilarious spam

I’ve just received this spam mail (into my university account, bizarrely). I had to repost it because I’ve never had one like this before.


How are you? My name is Liliya. I am 26 years old. I live in Russia, city Youshkar-Ola. I am cheerful woman, and like to do many things as sport, camping, go to the cinema, theatre etc. In a word I like to do all what like all people. I work in marketing structure on sale of cosmetics. My dream this travel abroad. I know the english language well enough.. I began to study english language approximately one year ago. I wish tell to you history which have pushed me write to you. 8 months ago I have got acquainted with the man from other country by name Justin. During this time we had good relations. We have understood that our relations become serious and we have decided to meet in his country. I wrote the application for reception the visa. I waited reception of the visa approximately half of year. All time I kept in touch with Justin through the internet and often called to each other. I and Justin waited reception of the visa to our meeting.

I have received the invitation from the ambassador for reception of the visa. My director has given me long-term holiday from work and I have gone to Moscow to receive the visa. I informed good news to Justin, but he has answered, that does not want our meeting. He played with me. He has informed that has the wife with two children and at all has no plans to meet me. I was not ready to such turn of events. I could not think what even after 8 months of acquaintance he can so unscrupulously act with me. Now I am in Moscow trip to Moscow and reception of visa. I do not want that all was gone for nothing and will be glad if my visa will be useful to our meeting. I could arrive already through 4-5 days, but a problem in that that now I have no man which would like my arrival. Probable it will silly sound but if you will be interested in a meeting with the good woman I shall like to meet you sometime soon! As Justin was dishonest with me I have decided to find the man which is interested to meet the woman from Russia. I do not know your ideas about my letter, but it would be fine if we could meet and have some weeks or months together. On my trip I want to receive rest from my work and a life in Russia. Also the basic purpose for the future it is search good men for serious attitudes which go to a marriage. I have no children, but I want to have children in the future. I am the mature woman and ready to creation of family with good man. I do not know what you really search in the future but if we could meet I shall be happy to discuss with you more about our meeting. What are you going to do this time? It would be fine if we could meet, do friendship or more than simply friendship. I shall be happy if you also have a free time and we could meet soon. I do not know your interests, but anyhow write to me back and I shall tell to you more about myself. Write to me all that you want. Maybe we have similar plans and it will be interesting to us together.

You can write all that you want. Ask any questions which interest you.Write to me back and I shall tell more about myself and send more my photos.

Please, write to me back on my regular e-mail: shiroko@bk.ru (The email actually came from jehr@melody.demon.co.uk)

Have a good day, Liliya.

Huh? What exactly is the point of this? What’s in it for ‘Liliya’? She didn’t ask for any money or account details, so I’m not sure what she’s after. Perhaps she seduces the ‘man which is interested to meet the woman from Russia’ and then gets the cash? I’m not sure how this scam works, exactly. But it made me laugh anyway: I always admire the time these spammers take to spin their yarns to try to gain your attentions and sympathies.

However, if any of you are good men who want to meet a good woman from Russia and have serious attitudes which go to a marriage, then don’t let me stop you like…

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  1. Would be able to do friendship as I have the wife with three children. Unfortunately house is not good for being relaxing in as puddlejumper is wife. Hoping you be understand.

    ps now know that my email is valid please use for getting above filter of spam for sending the errecter of maleness tablets spam.

    Mr P.

  2. AH! You’re Mr. P! Hello! (I saw this comment second.) 🙂

    I’m sure that Liliya won’t mind so long as you pay her way over here and buy her a house etc. And I’m sure Mrs P won’t mind either. 🙂

    I must add you to my roll etc.

  3. I’ve seen something very similar quoted elsewhere, and I don’t know how it works either, but I know it’s a very common one.

  4. Tell Mr P we could invite her over and she can live here and do the housework. I don’t mind sharing!


  5. Hey guys..

    This woman has been e-mailing me for about a week now. I am confuded as you guys.. whats in it for her? I just revieved her last e-mail just a few moments ago below.

    Hello my lovely Rich!!!

    Good evening!!! How passes your day today? I hope that you to have very good day and you today not once to think of me and about our meeting. I hope that our meeting to do so that you to move faster and you to hasten to read my mail and when you receive it you is really happy.

    I am valid I can not wait more our meeting, I will think that it very beautifully when we to meet. For these some days I very strongly to get used to you and now I to not represent, that will be if we to not meet.

    Our meeting is really very important for me, now it is an overall objective during my life.

    Tomorrow there will be the most responsible day in all our history and a meeting.

    Tomorrow I to go in embassy and to receive my visa, whether I to understand that it is very much exciting moment during my life and that depends on tomorrow’s day that there will be our meeting. I shall have many questions from your ambassador and he will speak with me and whether I can decide to visit your country.

    You should not worry, I will think that all well and our meeting will be the best ending in our correspondence. When I receive my visa I can to go in travel agency and to buy my ticket, I really think that we shall not have what problems and our meeting will be very fast.

    I very much ask to not break my heart, for it let and not big time I really to fall in love with you, and now I do not want that you have broken my heart. I to think of you and about our meeting many times and I to understand that the letter to give us not so much, how many we shall receive when we shall have our meeting. When we shall meet we can to speak, and to learn more about us.

    I really want to appear in your embraces and to be yours, I very gentle woman which want only love and caress. I want to have only good and happy family, and I think that we can to find it in our attitudes. I understand that we simply should have our meeting.

    As I to trust now to you, I want to give for you a small gift. I will think that it very much to like you and you to love me even more. I to send you my very good picture, and I want to tell to you that all this that that you will have when we will together. And I will promise you that all this to yours when, we will to love us. I to trust in that that I to not be mistaken in the choice and I to find which that person I searched.

    I really should go to sleep now. At us in Moscow really now night, and I shall sleep now.

    Tomorrow I shall have very heavy day, I shall be nervous much, but I will think that my excitements are vain.

    Have good day today, and I hope that you to think about our meeting during all day.

    And I will be valid to think that my picture to like you.

    Gentle and soft kisses for you, up to a meeting.

    Yours Liliya.

    I recon the sting is comming in the next e-mail. 🙂

    Keep you guys posted.

  6. So, are you Rich or Kev? Um! Perhaps you’re trying your own little scam there, RichKev? 😉

    I don’t really know what Liliya’s up to, but can I assume that you replied to her and that the communication has continued? Why?

    I think the sting is when she asks you to pay for her visa and/ or flight. You two have certainly fallen in love all manner of quickly, mind you!

    Do keep us posted, RichKev!

  7. Why? You ask.
    I knew from the outset this was a scam. I have played games on another site with Nigerian Scammers, But Like you guys, I couldn’t see for what reason or how she was going to scam me. After all she was coming to the UK financed by her.

    Anyway. Today when I got home from Work, sure enough there was her e-mail. The scam is explained below in her letter.

    BTW. My name is Kev. I’ve an Anonymous FM e-mail account I use to correspond with Nigerian scammers. I use the name Rich. 

    Her letter today.

    Good morning my lovely Rich!!!

    I hope, that you O’k!!! It’s so??? I have good news and bad. I get my visa today, but it had some difficulties. When I have come in embassy to me have told, that it will be really difficult. They made check my visa and my travel in your country. It is very difficult however. When I have come to embassy the ambassador asked the many questions. He has asked a question on that who will bear the responsibility about me when I shall be in the your country. I informed to him that I can take care of myself itself. He has told that knowledge of English language it insufficiently to be in safety. The ambassador informed me that I should have relatives or the guarantor to fly in the your country. I informed the ambassador that I have no relatives living on territory the your country. I have told to the ambassador about our correspondence with you, but he has told to me, that we should be familiar long time that you could take the responsibility for me and informed that it will not work. It has very difficult system however. But they offer to me an exit from this situation. They have told, that I can buy the insurance document. It will have the responsibility for my life in your country. They have told, that if I want to receive visa I should buy this document.

    If I shall not make this document I never can receive the visa. I never faced with such problems. I have decided to take consultation from the lawyer all over again. I took consultation from him. I have told to it, that after Justin has deceived me, I began to search, that person who wants to have and develop relations together with me. I have told him, that now I have very serious relations with you. I have told, that we shall marry soon. The lawyer has told me, that it is good, but it will not work for embassy. It is connected by that we are familiar with you not a plenty of time. The embassy will refuse in receptions of the visa. He has told, that I bought the insurance document.

    It is a unique correct and reliable choice. After that I have gone in embassy and we made registration of the insurance document for me. This document has cost 520 evro. I had at myself 700 evro. These are money for purchase of the ticket and residing in your country. Now I have 180 evro. It will not be enough. I can not arrive to you. Now I need 480 evro to arrive to you. I understand, that it is very difficult.

    But I never collided with such problems. I did not know, that it is so difficult. But I know, that I made a correct choice. I have made everything that we had a meeting with you. I very much want it. If I have not paid this insurance document I never would receive the visa. But now I have it. I have all documents to arrive to you and we shall have a happy pair together. But I need 480 evro. I very much sad!!! My heart belongs to you. I know, that it is destiny. I am filled with emotions now. Lovely, to me have told, that the best way to send money is Western Union or Money Gram.
    That you might transfer this help to me you should know:

    1) My full name – Shirshova Liliya
    2) My full address – Russia, Yoshkar-Ola, Lenina 19-64

    That I might receive money I should know:

    1) Your full name
    2) Your full address
    3) MTCN is a confidential code which to you will give after transfer of money.

    I think, that it will work. I do not know, that you think about it. Probably you will not help me and we shall never have a meeting. I do not want it. I want to be only with you. If you can make help for us I shall be very happy. I hope for it very much. It’s only your choice.

    I send this letter to you with hope, that you will not push away me. I hope, that all our letters were not an empty phrase. I am valid need in you.

    Yours Liliya.

    Anyone got any idea’s of an angle? I’m going to try and have her send me a copy of her passport. Then I’ll report her to http://www.russian-scam.org/report.htm


  8. Hi Guys.

    I didnt expect her to send it to me but follow the link to view her passport id. I now have to try and find a way to see if its a fake or not. Then i will report her.

  9. My first comment disappeared. Grr! Kev, you’re my hero! I admire you for taking the time and having the patience to correspond with these people. I wouldn’t do it myself but I’m all about taking the mick if you can!

    And, sure as you like, her first veiled request for money arrives. Love it!

    I’m not sure what you should do, but you should certainly have her clarify that she wants you to send her cash. That would be a good start!

    And do you think that she wants you to know that it’s so very, very difficult! 😉 hhahaha!

  10. I’ve been following this thread all week. Its fascinating.

    I’d never thought of having fun with the spammers like this.

    One can’t help but wonder how many vulnerable folk are taken in by some of them.

    Keep up the good work Kev!

  11. Hi Guys.
    Below is a ‘copy and past’ of her e-mail the Visa was attached to. Also the pic’s she sent me.

    My lovely Rich!!!

    I am really happy to receive your letter today. I will need 650 dollars US. But I tell that you can to do quickly transfer, through the Western Union. That you might transfer this help to me you should know:

    1) My full name – SHIRSHOVA LILIYA
    2) My full address – Russia, Yoshkar-Ola, Lenina 19-64

    That I might receive money I should know:

    1) Your full name
    2) Your full address
    3) MTCN is a confidential code which to you will give after transfer of money.

    I think, that it will work. I to be in the airport today all night and consequently I can not wait very long. I kiss you also wait for your letter, I hope that you will give me money I very much want our meeting and I think that we can to know better each other.

    Yours Liliya.

    Yesterday I sent the British embassy in Moscow all details and copies of all e-mails and photo’s that passed between us. I also asked if they could put me in touch with any Russian enforcement agency that deals with Russian Scammer Gangs, I haven’t heard anything back as yet.

    So, apparently she is now at Moscow airport waiting for me to send her $650 via Western Union.

    She’s dreaming…

    I didn’t hear anything from her yesterday. Thinking she might have dropped me I e-mailed her as below today.


    Can you please let me know if you are still at Moscow airport. I will go
    to the Western Union office in a town near to me and send you the money
    you need for your insurance.

    Love Rich. X

    10 minutes later I received back:

    My love Rich.
    I still wait for your letter and your help, I to try to save money and to be with you. Please to do the help as soon as possible, I love you and I want to be with you in this week-end.
    For ever yours Liliya.

    Ok. I’m going to stall for time here.(over the weekend) I need to think of an angle.

    I’ll keep you guys posted.



    :photos removed:

  12. WOW! Kev, this just gets better and better! I’m assuming that as soon as you refuse to send her money, she’ll stop. Who knows.

    And what photos!! Man, that’s a purdy girl – shame it’s not actually your ‘future bride’!

  13. I also intregued myself in responding to this person. I was sure that the photos she sent were of someone else and just to have some fun I asked her to send me nude photos, knowing that she would not be able to because the photos were not of heself. Somehow she or he had access on three nude poses and I tell you, they really make you WOW! Unlike Kev I cannot post them on photobucket (I think) because of their nudity but if you find me another way to share them with you I would be glad to. Take care

  14. I just received a very similar email, although it came from a totally different email address – liliyasirsh80@bk.ru
    Must be the same scammer!
    How do you think they get hold of our email addresses?

  15. I think just as I found this page, so did our Mr Liliya because I did not get the final email asking me for Visa money. Oh I am dissappointed!! Kev if I am right you will not have anything to keep up posted with because the mystery person from Germay read your posting too. Tende Hoologan, I posted the photos I was sent (2 censored by me using photoshop) and here are the links. Tell me which girl is prudiest. bye

    Note from blog owner: Anthony, I removed the photos because I don’t really want photos of boobs (and other areas) all over my blog. 🙂 I’m not convinced that any of the girls are purdy, frankly, but they’re all possibly underage! Man!

    :photos removed:

  16. I too got the same email today. I think you have enough to report it.

    I would be very interested in knowing how they got my email address.

    BTW the reply address specified on mine was: shirokoliliya@bk.ru

  17. Silverfox and Dave, I have no idea how they get our addresses. Spammers never seem to have any trouble with that, alas.

    And Anthony! On my!! I’m rather disappointed now that I’m ruined your plans with Liliya (she looks like such a nice girl too!) but such is the way of things. I dare say that s/he was annoyed to see me publicising his/ her scam here, particularly when it was going so well with a number of people! (Or so s/he thought!) I haven’t heard anymore from Kev, either, so I can only conclude that s/he’s cut off contact with him too! Shame, for it was fun while it lasted!

    I have no doubt, though, that Liliya will find plenty of people to send her money (s/he has so far if that russian-scam page is anything to go by), so let’s hope that a few more people have the sense to do their homework before they start sending their saving off.

  18. Hello all, I was wrong, my Liliya still loves me. She will be with me in days. Here is part of what she wrote.

    Hello my Lovely Anthony!!

    I miss on you very much!!! I had good dream about you and our meeting today!!! I like it very much!!! I very much wanted to arrive to you today. I would like to have a meeting with you right now!!! But it not so unfortunately. But I know, that very soon we will be together. Tomorrow early in the morning I will go in embassy and I will receive my visa…………………

    I am glad he is not so smart as I thought he was. I also told her that if she has problems with Visa I could help her from my side. Funny if I send her the visa she sent to Kev. That will be a surprise to him! Photobucket is new to me so I spent some time watching Videos and amazingly I stumbled on a porno video of a site NextDoorNikkie.com where my lovely Liliya is the porn star. What a coincidence! This gets interesting by the day. See for yourself.

    :video removed:

    I also got another photo today :photo removed:

    I salute you with a broken heart! Forgive me for the multiple posting, I thought my post did not go through. bye

  19. Anthony, I’m so happy for you! I felt terrible all afternoon that I’d ruined your chances at true love! 😉 Although I can understand that your heart is broken now that you’ve found out that she’s in porn! 😦

    And she’s really stepped up the photographs, hasn’t she?! It’s rather sickening really. I’m not going to watch the porn video.

    Just to let you know, however, that I’ve removed the photos. I don’t really want suggestive photos of possibly underage girls on my blog. 🙂

  20. Tender I utterly agree with you for removing the photos and video links. I will remove them from my album of photobucket too. What amazed me though is that I stumbled on a site where he got the photos from. There must be hundreds of thousands of such sites and to find the one he used, for me was amazing.

    I am in an administrative position and also direct an Internet Cafe, so for me to investigate these scams and learn more about them is imperative. I am glad I found your page which has helped me understand more.

    Take care and keep it up. Anthony

  21. Anthony, I do find it bizarre that you stumbled on the same site. What is the site exactly? (Don’t link it necessarily.) I’m going to keep up a regular check from now on to see how these scams are going – for fun value, if nothing else. 🙂

    Do come back and let us know if you hear anything further from her!

  22. As I said Kev used photobucket and I thought I look that site up so I went there, signed up and uploaded those photos for your readers to see. As I had some time on my hand I started to watch the videos people sent on photobucket. As you know I censored two of my photos because in the agreement of photobucket there is written that no NUDITY is allowed. So I thought to myself let’s see if there was nudity posted, so I searched nudity, naked, nude etc and while there were some blocked videos others were not. This particular video was from another site NextDoorNikki.com and our friend who ones used an email – blatter.net – which is in fact registered in Germany, has access to this page (you have to pay for it) and got all the photos he needs to send to us. Some other guy who also has access to this NextDoorNikki site has copied the video and posted it on photobucket.com and there is where I found it in PHOTOBUCKET, the site Kev used to show us the visa and the pic he got from Miss L. Hope I did not mess all this up.!! English is my third language

  23. Like the others I got the famous letter asking me for 290pounds for Visa and insurance expenses. Here is what I sent back.

    Do not worry my dear, here you can find your VISA, you do not have to pay anything, and also do not forget to visit NextDoorKikki.com to get me more nude photos. Where do you live, in Germany. Many known to me said hello. The Internet Scam Police will soon give you a personal call. We gave them your multiple IP addresses.

    With Love


    here I pasted Kev’s VISA

  24. I have also been playing along with Liliya for several days – I will keep everyone in the picture once I’ve got tired of it or they have….:-) It’s beeen instructive finding out how much there is online about this individual…

  25. Anthony, I love your reply to her! I wonder if your threat made any difference, though.

    Gary, good for you! I’m fascinated by the amount of people taking the time to play with her. I need to do another search today to find out just how much is on the Internet about her. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!

  26. Hi Tender, I am sure replies like mine make a difference but Heshe will just change his name, ip address etc. Only god knows how many women have the same person behind them!

    About your search. Let me give you a hand on this:


    This is interesting where an Australian man wrote to President Putin asking him to check if this Russian lady paid tax on the money she hacked off him. Result got arrested.

    I think that this is a MUST READ page. It is a guy Jim who puts all the bad guys and agencies on his Black List and the good ones on the Gold List. He seems he knows what he is doing and he is in constant war with big scammers, of whom one has created an anti scam like Jim’s and put all bad guys in Gold list. Enlightening to read


  27. Anthony, thank you for all the links. I’m checking them out. 🙂

    I like this line from one of the sites:

    “There are hundreds of Russian scammers on the internet but there are hundreds of thousands of Russian women, along with millions of women from other countries, with honest intentions and the usual dreams.

    They’re probably not sending pictures of ‘themselves’ half naked, mind you! Or perhaps I’m just being naive! 🙂

  28. Hi Again Tender. Seems this page has turned out to be an important page forus who wish to learn and know more about scammers. In the AGENCYSCAMES page I mentioned I found these in NEW SCAMS item and I like to share them with our friends. There are much more if one take some time and read them:

    New (Dec ’05) – The hi-tech scammer. They are putting scripts in their letters and when you download the letters onto your computer mail server (Outlook Express, etc), the script starts reading your computer; looking for credit card information. Search your registry from time to time if you use your computer mail server and have letters from Russian girls saved there.

    New (Aug 05) – New cheque cashing and deposit scams are becoming more popular. They ask for your bank account and say they will put money in it for you to transfer to someone else. Or to deposit or cash a cheque. You can keep a portion as a commission. Everything seems to be great. Then the FBI pr bank wants to know why you passed a bad cheque or transferred money that didn’t really exist. YOU are liable for this money!

    A bad scammer will ask for money after a few letters. A good scammer will wait a few months. A VERY good scammer will wait 6-12 months. Time makes no difference. ANY time they ask for money, it’s bad!!

    If she changes her email address suddenly, this could be a negative sign. Send an introductory letter to her old address from your alias friend a couple weeks afterwards and see what happens.

    Of course, letters where she doesn’t answer your questions, or ask specific questions about you and your life are a sign of something not right. They want to know you before they can know if they want to be with you.

    If a girl tells you that her family has approved of her moving abroad, she is feeding you a line to relax your worried mind. Most Russians, especially older Russians and especially those in the family don’t believe in leaving Russia. They are very patriotic and believe that Russians should marry Russians and live in Russia.

    Just because they say they are not a scam and they are honest; that doesn’t mean a thing. Some scam sites have a scammer page or warn about scammers. Don’t let that fool you.

  29. Interesting facts. Thank you, Anthony. The first one is rather scary, indeed. We should have known that there would be something more sinister involved too.

    I’m starting to think that anyone who sends money to these people deserves to lose out from their own stupidity. A simple google search turns up all the information one needs.

  30. he he he i’m talking to her right now , the scam is she sends a letter saying she has got a visa all set up and this guy has let her down , he’s already married , she is looking for someone to live with as she has the visa and air fare , she dosnt want to miss the oppertunity of going abroad , once you become interested , she comes out with the money question , inmmy case its she cant afford to pay the hotel where she is at , and pay the air fare , she is willing to pay the air fare as its more expensive but neend $290 for the hotel , i’ve been stringing her along a little to see how she handles this whole scam , her response is to send some cracking nude photos
    very tasty indeed , such a pitty she’s a scammer

  31. Hi David.

    Yes, that seems to be her MO indeed. I do find it hilarious that whoever is doing the emailing sends random naked photos off the Internet instead of attempting to answer any questions. Even so, some people are falling for this scam. Possibly because of said photots. :rolls eyes:

  32. pasted Russia, Yoshkar-Ola, Lenina 1964 in google search and came up with your site i also recieved that e-mail. getting a few photos and asking for £180 stirling to be sent to her via western union she required my name and address and some code to access the money glad i found your site cheers terry

  33. Well, my relationship with Liliya is still continuing but I have a feeling one of us will lose patience soon, either she will give up expecting me to pay Western Union the requisite money or I will get bored with stalling successfully. Once it’s all over and our promised relationship hits the rocks for good I will post more details.

  34. Gary, please do! I can imagine that the stalemate is tedious, though. And from what I can gather, she’s getting this from a lot of people so she’ll probably just stop contacting you.

  35. I cant believe Liliya is two timing me.I really like her,and her photos are worth the money any way.I’m just really p****d off that she doesnt really love me. Can any one show me a pic of thier liliya just to confirm.Ta.I have had 7 letters and she hasnt asked me for money yet ,could i be the one!

  36. Hi Rob! Perhaps you are the one! 😉 It’s a little bizarre that she hasn’t asked for any money yet – she normally does before now, I think.

    Anyway, I’m editing out pictures from comments now (I don’t feel comfortable having them on my blog), but I think that if you do a search, they’re all over the web. The ones that were posted here were of a variety of girls.

  37. thanks lads have had the same e.mail from her she now asking for £420 and has sent me a copy of a visa to the uk?
    Dont know how she got my e.mail address,
    Just got her to call me on my mobile and she did for about 5 mins,
    luck me

  38. Hi Paul.

    She called you?! WOW! What did you talk about? And did she even have a Russian accent? And did you tell her to that you would send her the money?

    I’m quite shocked that she called – this is a whole other dimension!!

  39. Yes she did sound russian and have had about 10 e.mail from her,
    she also gave me the e.mail address of her so called travel agent managerairround@inbox.ru
    and they sent me a copy of her visa and flight number time of departure and arrival ,price she had allready payed
    all looked above board to me,this is one very good scammer
    And i may have lead her on about sending her the money,
    Just like the rest of you i was waiting for her to ask for money, to make sure she was a scammer before i looked her name up on goggle,
    I was surprised to find it so easyly,
    so thank again for this site,and letting me say my bit

  40. No problem, Paul. She really does have all her angles covered! I still can’t believe she phoned you!

    What are you going to say to her?

    And you’re very welcome re. the chance to say your bit. Any time! 🙂

  41. Easy there guys,
    I’ve just been laughing my ass off reading your comments. The same thing happened to me and i just didn’t realise the scale of it. I Feel a bit let down though as I didn’t get any nude photos or a phone call?! what’s wrong with me?

    Anyway, It played out the same way, she started asking money for here plane ticket because she had to spend the money on some sort of insurance. And here’s me thinking I’m lucky… going to get a beautiful Russian bird who loves me before she’s met me!

    So cheers for the site, provided some much needed comic relief. Now i’m going to see if I can get some photos because i’ve miraculously come into some money!

    Take care, JC

  42. Hey JC. 🙂 I’m glad you found us! But you must be distraught that you didn’t get any of the treats the others boys have been getting. Clearly Lil just didn’t love you enough! 😉

    Thanks for dropping by.

  43. Hi guys, this is how its going with me and my lovly liliya, she has now sent me a copy of her passport and as i have already told her that i have been to russia before, which is true, i have told her there are so many scmmers on the internet, that i have a visa and booked a flight to moscow to give her the money in person, she was alittle taken back at frist, but she is going to meet me on saturday in moscow airport, shes not giving up so easyly, i geuss i will now have to look online to find myself a flight time, i do hope she does not wait all day at the airport for me,LOL

  44. Fantastic, Paul! I’ll bet she’s taken aback! I wonder how she thinks she’s going to get around this.

    Have you been tracking her IP address? I wonder where she’s even emailing from! It’s becoming a real battle of wits with you two.

  45. Hey Guys,
    Just wanted to add a new dimention to this. If you click on the link to Jims agency scams that Anthony posted and go to page 25 of photos. You might recognise a face! (that is if we all got the same person trying to scam us). click on the different names for more photos.


  46. Maybe my love affair with Liliya is coming to an end. I’m getting bored with it now, but she does seem amazingly persistent. Two weeks ago her email arrived in a group email inbox at work though addressed to a defunct company email address, and I decided to follow it up to find out just where it might lead and how she intended to fleece me if I played the role of the smitten punter for a while….

    She had, of course, been invited to visit the Moscow ambassador of ‘your country’ to receive a visa and been let down and seeking a good man. After a replied I fairly soon received another standard format email with some tempting pictures of her, then another lengthy email (another standard one), and the fourth – by which time she was madly in love with me. The sucker punch came with the next one (a week after first contact) and, surprise surprise there had been a problem with her visit, she was going to have to get an insurance company to guarantee her travel insurance, and the cost of that would mean no money left for buying her airfare, which as she now knew would be to the UK.

    It then transpired that I would need to pay this via Western Union, for which purpose she repeatedly sent me emails with her full name, address and date of birth. She slipped up in one letter and left the name of another punter in the message – this was later explained away as being the name of the ambassador (I think not).

    Anyway, to cut a long story short, her emails still kept coming for the next week but almost always short and pleading for money. She would always imply she was sleeping rough in Moscow, with no money, just waiting to fly to Uk the next day. But I did at least manage to get her to find out the flight numbers and departure arrival details of her intended flight. I tried describing the sexual favours I would like her to provide for me, but this didn’t seem to deter her at all. She wanted to talk through instant messaging, which I declined. I did at least learn quite a lot about Western Union. Then I told her there had been a problem making the payment using her name and could she send me the photo of a friend who could collect the money for her. This was answered without demur with a passport picture of her father who would fly to Moscow and handle the deal and put her onto the plane….our friend Artem Borisov (qv). And there we have it…..for now. Will either of us have the will to continue the charade?

  47. A postscript: the amount asked for is £290 – that sound familiar? Is there a £300 limit in Russia above which there could be all sorts of hassles for the scammers in collecting from Western Union?

    I wondered at the outset whether Liliya was male or female -presumably female if payments are to go to an named person through Western Union.

    I have to admire her persistence with me, but was surprised at the outset how quickly she went straight to the appeal for money – we hadn’t had all that much time to get to know each other, really

    She did send me some sexier pictures when I asked for them, but I think I’m going to make my excuses and leave……enough is enough.

  48. Gary, thank you for your detailed comments. It sounds like we have another battle of wits on our hands here.

    It seems that her MO is the same with everyone – she sends the request for money at the same time as the suggestive pictures. Or, rather, ‘he’ does – it could well be a bloke. If you look further up the comments, you’ll see some from a chap called Anthony who has been doing many net searches on this and has even found a ton of photos of ‘Liliya’ about the place.

    I’m not sure about the Western Union point, but it seems that no matter what you throw at her, she’ll have a comeback.

  49. I haven’t replied again, and she has sent me one brief message asking why she hasn’t heard from me. I expect she has other fish to fry, and I have better things to do.

  50. Hello one and all, this is Anthony again. I check this page from time to time to see if there is any more news of our late Liliya, but it seems that she must have adopted another identity. Anyway I get a couple of these making millions off dead people who left no will and I checked on this one name and surprsingly it sent me to a very interesting page where our friend (the good guy) re-printed all the mail he had and sent to this scammer. I strongly suggest that you go to this site and read it. It is HILARIOUS. I wouldn’t have told you if I did not think so. Bye and all the best. Anthony


  51. Hey Anthony. Good to see you again, and thanks for the link.

    I think Liliya must have changed her tack indeed for I haven’t heard that much about her recently. I imagine that they do have alter their operations every so often.

    I just went to that site and I read the whole thing. That is hysterical!! I’ve not laughed so much in ages.

  52. Hi again. I was sure you and anyone who reads it will be very much entertained. I hope that some day I will stumble on a fortune to help im my mission. Anyway all the best to all. Anthony.

  53. My love is back::::::::

    How are you? My name is Alena. I from Russia, city Cheboksary. To me 28 years. I shall tell to you about myself a little.

    I corresponded with the man from the your country before. His name Mark. He is from your country. We had a long correspondence and Mark wanted, that I have arrived to him in the your country that I have seen what life there. We have together submitted the statement on reception of the visa in your country! Mark spoke, that will help my in our meeting. I thought, that have met on the Internet the love.

    I and Mark made the big plans for the future, but in a flash all has changed. From the moment of submission of the statement for the application of the visa has passed 5 months. For these five months there was for what I least waited. Mark informed, that his former wife has returned to him and lives together with him. Soon they should get married. And now in Mark plans there is no me. I wrote to him some times after that, but Mark have wished me only good luck in the further searches worthy men and have told, that our ways miss. And in October to me there has come the invitation in embassy behind reception of the visa.

    In the beginning I wanted to throw out the invitation in embassy. To me it was sad, because my dreams were failed, I have nobody to fly in the your country. But my uncle have dissuaded me from resolute actions and have told, that else there is a chance to find worthy the man and to use the visa to a meeting with him. I well know English and practically I have visa your country. My uncle speaks, that it really solves many problems.

    Approximately in 7 days the visa will be ready, and I should go to Moscow behind reception of the visa. I write to you because in my heart there is an empty seat. I do not search rich or poor. I search careful and responsible man which wants to enjoy a life together. Is this person you? I think, that I ask not much. I have told to you a little about my life. I have told not all about myself, but it will be easier to me to write about myself if you will ask questions which interest you. I have told to you my history, and now I shall look forward to hearing from you with impatience. Write to me! I shall send you more photo in the following letter. I wait you answer. Alena.

    P.S. I shall answer with pleasure if you write to me on: blondealena28@yandex.ru

    sent on zrvrvlibpnn@verizon.net

  54. I am in love again, Now Kristinka writes!

    Hello dear friend!

    My name is Kristina. I am 26 years old. I’m from Russia, city Yoshkar-Ola. I live together with my mum and I work as adviser on sale home appliances. I have many various hobbies: sport, a photo, drawing. I dream to have strong and happy family. It’s my purpose in life. I want to be happy and to do happy my family. Recently I thought that I have it already. However…….

    I wish to tell you history which have pushed me write to you. 6-7 months ago I have got acquainted with man from your country. His name is Craig. Our meeting was at a seminar in city St. Peterburg. It was the working meeting. Between us began the novel. It was so fast and I thought that it’s my man. Through 3 days he has left home. We have understood that letters can not replace our meeting face to face again. Craig has told that I should arrive to him!!! I was very glad during that moment. I wrote the application for reception visa. I waited reception of visa approximately half of year. All this time Craig called and wrote to me letters. All things was very good. I have received the invitation from the ambassador for reception visa. My director has given me holiday from work and I have gone to Moscow to receive visa. I said this news to Craig, but he told that he does not want our meeting. He played with me. He has told me that he has wife with 3!!!!!! children and now he don’t want our meeting. I have been broken… I could not think that it was game with my feelings….. I did not think that people are so severe…….Now I am in Moscow and waiting for reception visa. I don’t want that all was gone for nothing and will be glad if my visa will be useful to our meeting. I could arrive already in 4-5 days, but I have problem. I don’t know any man who would like my arrival. I hope that it will not sound silly if I will ask you about our meeting and good time together. I don’t know your ideas about my letter, but it would be fine if we could meet and have some weeks or months together. I want to use my visa for trip to your country and search man with which I would like to have happy and strong family.

    I was never married and have no any children. I’m woman which ready to creation family with good man. I don’t know about you anything, but I want it very much. It would be fine if we could meet, to do friendship or more than simply friendship. I will be happy if you also have a free time and we could meet soon. I don’t know about your plans at present time, but I sincerely hope that we can have meeting with you in the near future. You can write all that you want. Ask any questions which interest you. I hope that you understand my English 🙂 I began to study English approximately 1,5 year ago. Write to me back and I will tell more about myself and send my photos.

    Please, write to me back and send your pic on my regular e-mail:
    Have a good day,

  55. Anthony, they’re flocking to you! Clearly these little scams are still working, for whoever is behind them is still doing them! As I said before, I really hope that this one (Kristina, is it?) is the one for you. You are a good man and I know you want good woman for creation of family! 😉

    Are you replying?

  56. usually visa to UK has to have a picture!!!! I can send you thousands visas such hers. you are responsible for her in your country. and financially too. gush when you get smarter let me know. anyway send her your credit cards and do not suffer from being …silly

  57. Um. I think everyone’s realised that already, aaah: the point of this thread is actually to ridicule these ladies’ attempts to extract money. An exercise in taking the mick, if you like!

    But thanks for your input. Or whatever that comment was.

  58. Hello again,
    I hope you guys know that I am not looking for any internet lover. I am very happily settled with and in my life. It is they who call my attention, it is them who tell me that they are madly in love with me. I tell you one thing: they must be having some response from some …….. otherwise they will not continue this trend of scam. In fact there is a new approach. People are setting up Professionally looking sites to sell things. You buy, pay on line as you always do and by by your money. One of such pages is http://www.onlinemallcn.com/HOME.asp . I suspected such page because a $2000 work camera was discounted to $199. Anyway, I did my homework and found out that many of such scams are also surfing up. So be careful.

    Last Time I found a very entertaining page of communication between a generious friend in Africa and a friend of ours on this side of the planet. Here is another of such Hilarious situation. If you have time, have fun reading it. It is not as funny as the previous one, but it entails a reading.


    All the best. Internet is a full of opportunities but somewhat dangerious too. Anthony

  59. Hi Guys :0

    I have had a chick who calls herself Tatyana from Yoshkar-Ola, who had a ticket to fly to Australia but was waiting for her visa. She has just recieved the visa and now has no money (3rd email) for her airfair. BUT her ‘uncle’ in NZ will give her the money but I need to open a credit card account in OZ so that he can deposit the money which I will send to her. She does not have a bank account………yeah sure, who does’nt 😉 After several photos (hmm very tasty) she sent one with a web site address of http://www.nextdoornikki.com and it is the same chick, Tatyana/nikki, I played with her for fun-1 week, but got bored and told her that I was onto her and all I got back was ‘i broken’ I sent a reply and asked for free access to her web site but no reply as yet 😦 😉 She stated she was 26 but the site said 19, oh well. I have tried looking for her picture but cant find it on any of the sites so far but I presume it was all shite just as you guys have come across. Thanks for this site and all the others its good that we can share these experiences with each other so we know or try to avoid the cons.

    Cheers cap

  60. Cap, thanks for dropping by. It seems that these scams are still going on. I dare say there was no ‘her’ involved in your fun: this feels like a rather male-run scam to me and I would even guess that the girls on nextdoornikki don’t even know that their photographs are being used in the scam. I can’t be sure, of course, but it’s all feels rather exploitative on so many levels.

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