February downloads

Grr to new albums this month! There are few, dear reader(s). Thus far, I’ve spotted only three, and I seem to have been able to download one of them yonks ago.

Firsty, there’s the Kaiser ChiefsYours Truly, Angry Mob, which I’m looking forward to but I’m concerned that it might suffer from Lame Second Album Syndrome (LSAS) – I confess that their 2005 release, Employment, is still a favourite of mine. I do like that Ricky Wilson, I have to say. If I was a boy, I would dress like him. And maybe have my hair like his too.

Speaking of LSAS, I’ve finally given the Bloc Party‘s A Weekend in the City a good listen-to. I have to report that I don’t like it at all. Nothing stands out for me on it, and I was very bored by about song three (although I persevered). They seem to have changed their thing and I don’t like their new thing. See, Silent Alarm is another constant of mine, which makes their new album even more a disappointment. In their March issue (we’ll soon be getting them six months in advance, I tells ya!), Q gives A Weekend in the City only three stars and a [at best] mediocre review, and I think they’ve just about nailed it.

Oh, and Lucinda Williams is releasing her eighth album, West, which may just make up for the sorry lot of new albums for me to download this month. Although only if I get it for free, natch!

8 responses to “February downloads

  1. Hiya. Thanks for the tip on the Bloc Party. I was going to buy it at the weekend but I probably won’t now. I might get Lucinda Williams though.

  2. Hey Sinead! Thanks for dropping my missus!

    Yes, get Williams but forget about the Bloc Party, I think. I don’t know what’s gone wrong now (and so annoyed I was about it, I’m rather reluctant to give it another chance at the moment).


  3. Cheers anyway but I don’t think my connection can download massive things like that. I’ll get it from somebody here.

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