Giuliani and Reid

Today is one fucking appointment and arrangment after another (with the last one at 8.30 tonight), and I’m going to get no writing done at all. I haven’t got any writing done in too long, but I suppose I was in Ireland for a while.

I need to drink more coffee, very quickly, or I’ll never get through it all.

And why the hell is it so cold in our house in the mornings? My feet and hands are surely about to fall off.

The BBC website is my favourite place in the world, and I spend way too much time there. That would be another reason for the non-writing sometimes, I suppose.

But look: Giuliani joins race for president.

Former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani has officially joined the running for the Republican nomination for the 2008 US presidential election. The Federal Election Commission said Mr Giuliani had filed a “statement of candidacy” – a one-page form outlining a candidate’s wish to seek office.

Does this make anyone else giggle? Not only is it the the 40th (approx.) person running for the White House but it’s Giuliani! That just doesn’t fit or something. It’s just stooopid. Mind you, I’ll cut my arm off if he gets in.

Oh and this: Sex register to include email.

Sex offenders could be forced to register their e-mail addresses to prevent them approaching children on the internet, the government says. Home Secretary John Reid said he was also considering making paedophiles add their chatroom names to their other details on the Sex Offenders Register.

If there are any more temporary things in the world than email addresses and online IDs, I would like you to tell me. Sex offenders put their handles on the sex offender register and turn around and make new ones the next day. He’s forgotten that a sex offender is generally much, much smarter than your average offender. Job’s a good ‘un. John Reid has, once again, conjured up a totalitarian idea which can only serve to increase bureaucracy ten-fold with little positive effect. Of course, it’s only a gesture to placate the proletariat because Reid, like Blair, never fails to assume that we can’t see through these sorts of policies. Were it not for the fact that Blair has hair and Reid doesn’t, I would think that they were clones. Maybe he and Giuliani are clones…

Man, I’m running late already.

10 responses to “Giuliani and Reid

  1. Indeed. Although, interestingly, sex offenders are more generally compliant with court orders that many other types of offender. And the sanctions for failing to place yourself and all your details on the register can be severe.

    But, no, I wouldn’t hold out hope myself.

  2. It just shows how ‘out of touch’ people who make policies are. It’s like they don’t know someone can have like, oh, I don’t know, about 50 hotmail email addresses if they want to.


  3. So true. And this government is particularly adept at dreaming up policy after policy, and the criminal justice system seems to be the target of most of them. Of course, we don’t hear about the failure of these policies but they are numerous.

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