My four shows

I’ve started to watch way too much television. I’m choosing to blame the people I spend most of my time with (and a torrent-addicted housemate), but I probably have some culpability myself. I have five shows I watch most of the time.

Grey’s Anatomy is set in a hospital and features a cast of people I’ve never heard of before. The characters all sleep with each other (I think) in between saving lives and curing people of all their ills (I think). Every so often, also, their well-placed words of wisdom will turn someone’s life around in ways they never expected – they’re just all-round superstars. The lead character, Meredith Grey, is fiercely annoying and I would quite like to shoot her in the face. I actually hate Grey’s Anatomy, but I still like to watch it. Go figure!

Las Vegas is great craic and is one of my favourite shows at the moment (not least because it’s got the sexiest cast of characters I’ve seen in a long time). More importantly, however, it’s funny, clever and fast-paced. It’s all about security in a Las Vegas casino, I believe, but I really just watch it to look at this beautiful man. It’s certainly not edifying stuff.

Studio 60… stars your man from Friends, Chandler. The story centres on his character, Matt, and another chap, Danny, who are the main writers for a comedy show on some network or other. Studio 60 was created by the same guy who created the West Wing, so the dialogue and acting is snappy and intelligent (there’s a lot of that talking while walking carry-on, which I love). Even Chandler’s really rather good, although the woman he pretends he’s not in love with irritates me.

Heroes is about a group of people from all over the world who discover that they have superpowers (like being able to fly or travel through time), and who have to come together to save the world or something. Frankly, reader(s), I don’t understand a word of it so I can’t really say anymore about what’s going on. The housemate and I watch it wearing permanent frowns on our faces because it just doesn’t make any sense at all. Apparently it will in time, but right now, I just can’t get it. I can’t even remember what half of the characters are called. It’s still good stuff, though.

And… oh, that’s it! Only four! I’m not as far gone as I thought I was. Although, are we still counting Eastenders…?

(Oh, and if you want a recommendation from the above, I’d have to go with ‘Vegas’. It’s silly TV – my favourite kind – very often at its best. But do yourself a favour and try not to get sucked into any of them.)

48 responses to “My four shows

  1. You know, I am kinda surprised – I haven’t watched any of those shows NOT EVEN ONCE! But I am addicted to Lost and Shipwrecked although have managed to wean myself off Ugly Betty somewhat. And also addicted to anything rubbish on ITV (and ITV2) like Dancing on Ice, American Idol, Nanny 911, Relocation Relocation Relocation… Oh dear, writing that worries me. Perhaps I ought to stop.

    I am very tempted to try Heroes now. I was permanently confused with Lost at first and then got to the stage that I would design my entire WEEK around it! Then we discovered the joys of downloading the next series from the US and would have Lost marathons where we’d watch episode after episode back-to-back. It was like “oh, it’s 4am and we all have work tomorrow, but JUST ONE MORE then we will all go to bed, honest” and then it got to 5am and we watched another… And so on. And then we ran out of episodes so we’re stuck watching series 3 one a week. It’s hell. 🙂

  2. I can’t be having Lost at all – I tried it for half a season and got so tired of it. It just wasn’t the show for me. But I have heard of these Lost Marathons indeed!

    Heroes is good, but you do need to have patience with it. I’m sure you have plenty of that with Lost, though.

    And I HATE all those reality TV things – don’t you want to just kill every single person on the screen?

  3. I couldn’t cope with more than about 3 episodes of greys anatomy, I just wanted to slap her SO much that I decided for my own mental health it was better to stay away, the other 3 shows you describe (interestingly) must be from t’internet or some new fangled magic source because I have never seen them…..

  4. Oh, I hate her and her droning voice, Kris! But you know what – she might be dead!!! Really!111 They were trying to revive her last night (it was the one they televised in the US last week) and I don’t think they managed to! I was upset at the time but I think it’ll be the best thing now!

    English downloads them all from t’Internet because they’re all on weekly in the US.

  5. Oh well if she’s dead I might watch it again, she reminded me of Ally McBeal but a million times more whiny and irritating and although the doctor guy that she is on/off with was attractive… by virtue of the fact that he found HER attractive meant that I lost any respect for him and could not longer find him attractive myself.

    Yes I do know that it’s not real 😉

  6. Well exactly, Kris. McDreamy’s very cute but clearly very lacking in taste – he would have done far better staying with Addison -perhaps you didn’t see that far in.

    I’ve not though about McBeal in years – she was really fvcking annoying. Praise the Gods they cut that one!

  7. the boy wants to watch Heroes but i don’t like the sound of it….
    i’m loving Ugly Betty and Hollyoaks at the moment… and i too get addicted to trashy relaity TV
    but i do like the sound of Studio 60

  8. To be honest, Pink, I’m running out of patience with Heroes. I think we’ve watched about 15 episodes of the first series now and I am none the wiser about what’s happening. I don’t really like ‘all questions’ shows like that, generally, so I might give it up. But it’s coming on Sky or Freeview (or both) I think, so you should tune in for the first few to see, perhaps.

    I watched the first few Ugly Bettys and then I forgot about it – thanks for the reminder! 🙂

    Studio 60 is really good – very funny.

  9. On she isn’t dead *tuts* What are you two like, eh? Yes she’s annoying, but the show is called Grey’s Anatomy, they can’t have the lead character dying. I’m sure she’ll survive. The office was all abuzz with theories about how she could survive.

  10. I don’t think that’s necessarily true, Kymee. The show isn’t just about her, anymore – it’s about the entire cast. They could easily lose one and still have a programme – even if it is named after her. In fact, it would be very daring.

    I’m sure they’ll bring her back to life because that’s how it goes but I wish they’d take the risk.

  11. Well that’s pretty much the point really, they could, but they won’t, they never kill off the lead character. It’ll be something along the lines of the severe cold she experienced “froze” her body, thus allowing her to eventually live. Predictable really.

  12. Yes – but Addison is getting her spinoff, so if Grey’s does go further downhill, there’ll be no more droning Meredith! yay!

  13. Hey Lola! I owe you an email, I know. I owe half the world emails and I’m not getting any better at responding to them! Sorry!

    I don’t think I have enough interest in Addison to watch a spin-off about her. I think I’ll stick with Grey’s until I just can’t take anymore of the droning.

  14. I owe a million emails too, but there’ll be none written while I’m listening to the rugby! I just fancy Addison. I = shallow!

  15. My nerves are shot with the Rugby, Lola! It’s 36-13 right now (as you know) with 12 minutes to go! I’m so excited for my boys!!!!1111111

    Oh, and Addison is gorgeous! She’s actually become increasingly more beautiful as series three has progressed, I think.

  16. A well-deserved victory that, in fact, your boys bloody trounced them!

    She is getting more gorgeous as it goes along, soon I won’t be able to watch for fear of spontaneous combustion!

  17. Yeah, I don’t think even superglue can save you after combusting. Though in Grey’s on a couple of weeks, they’ll probably find a way that involves sleeping with yr boss, breaking the rules and too much makeup. It would not surprise me.

  18. I believe it’s on a sort of indefinite hiatus at the moment. It was almost cancelled earlier in the year – apparently there’s just no audience? I love Sorkinese, and Matthew Perry, but I just don’t think this has come together right – and it smacks of the West Wing in a sort of awkward way.

  19. It does smack of the West Wing, truth be told. I never watched the WW myself but when I flicked past it, I always liked what I saw and heard.

    It’ll be a shame if it’s cancelled (they cancel this and keep Lost?!) but you can’t win ’em all.

  20. It would be a shame to have it cancelled, it was starting to turn into something… I dunno. You MUST watch the West Wing. I’ll send you my DVDs if I have to! But skip series 5 – it blows.

    I’ve watched precisely 0.5 episodes of Lost – they so clearly don’t know what they’re doing – all this mystery for the sake of it b0llox

  21. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111!!! No more boxsets! They eat your life away and the end of it, you come to and wonder where the last three months went to! Seriously! 😉

    (Thank you anyway, my dear. But I have neither the time nor the patience right now to learn about a whole other set of people and storylines.)

  22. Sinead, I really wish I’d got into it now.

    Lola, don’t you think that DVDs ruin that anticipation now? Like, when a tune you like comes on the radio, it’s more enjoyable than listening to it on CD because it’s a surprise. Maybe that’s just me?

  23. I’d say they absolutely do! So programmes I’ve gone back and watched after the DVDs are out, and you lose the excitement of “argh! Don’t leave it there!” Grey’s was a case in point for that – when Meh-redith went in the water and I didn’t have a DVD to watch the next one right after, it actually made me really want the week to fly by. But then the 3rd part happened and it was a bit mince.

    I can’t abide the radio, I’m too much of a control freak. But I love other people’s iTunes libraries, where I come across all kinds of good stuff that I wouldn’t necessarily have myself.

  24. Yeah, that whole story line with Meredith got very tired, very quickly. But then again, I sort of wanted her to die. I like your play on [made up] words there! 😉

    I’ve started listening the radio again – BBC 6 and a French radio station M recommended which is super. I like being Old Skool listening to the radio. Oh, and did I mention how much I love the Archers?

  25. I must listen to the Archers one of these days – can you believe I never have? There’s a couple of internet stations that aren’t bad, but I always forget about them. Must listen to accubroadway at some point soon, instead of my same old music over and over again!

  26. I have heard a rumour that Studio 60 starts again in the US on the 24th May. At least if they show the entire first season, that’ll be better than nothing at all.

  27. The all knowing source that is Wikipedia is saying that Studio 60 has been cancelled after it’s first season.

    Oh well back to the West Wing box sets then.

  28. Just watched it and was a pleasantly surprised to see the show centred round the main cast rather than Matt & Danny.

    I’m not sure that they got enough West Wing references in though!

  29. You’re right. I thought it was strange but nonetheless intriguing. We were wondering if they took off after they found out that it was cancelled but we don’t think so because they wouldn’t have found out until after those episodes were filmed.

    Re. WW. I know! I didn’t even watch it and I saw them! 😉

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