Northern Ireland devolution

Sweet mother Mary and the orphans: NI peace deal.

NI deal struck in historic talks

Ian Paisley and Gerry Adams, sitting side by side for their first news conference in Stormont, confirmed that power-sharing would begin on 8 May.

Mr Paisley said the DUP was committed to full participation in government and Mr Adams said it was a “new era”.

Tony Blair said it was a very important day for the people of Northern Ireland.

I never thought I would see this day. Not only are Gerry Adams and Ian Paisley in the same room, but they’re at the same table agreeing to the same principles about what is best for our beautiful home.

This news makes me so very happy I could cry.

18 responses to “Northern Ireland devolution

  1. It makes me happy too, it’s a long time coming and hopefully will let some old wounds heal at last. Plus, it’s a welcome end to “I’m not going there if he’s going there” politics – let’s leave that to the Democrats across the pond, eh? I thought the Beeb article by Nick Robinson is particularly on the mark (not so much the waffle about lifts) in saying that sometimes when something drags out, you can forget how bloody huge it really is. But this is, for me, up there with the falling of the Wall etc.

  2. It’s been so long in coming. Frankly, I’d given up hope. I’m not sure how this came about but I like Robinson’s point. I wonder if it happened because this really was their last chance. Who knows, and at this stage, who cares so long as it has.

    Good call with Sutherland, although Paisley might want to play himself! 😉

  3. I whole-heartedly agree about Donald Sutherland. Perhaps Gary Oldman could play Gerry Adams? The movie has Oscar writen all over it!

  4. I’m scribbling the script now instead of writing about what a state is (a lost cause as soon as the football commentary started). Will you be my consultant on all things Norn Oirish please? So far, every sentence ends with ‘so it is’.

  5. Bvggered if I know! It appears to have something to do with physical force, but then again I think Weber was smoking the crack so I don’t really trust him. God, revision is even more boring than the first time around!

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