Doctor Who

The DoctorI loved it. Oh, I really loved it! Doctor Who that is. It came back to our screens on Saturday night, inciting much excitement in me and Himself. I couldn’t possibly do the whole thing as much justice as prefectford has here, but I’m sure you’ll believe me when I tell you that I was verily pleased. See, I don’t really understand the whole thing so I’m easily satisfied. The Doctor and his companion (Martha) could get up to all sorts and I’d happily watch it and enjoy it. It’s very seldom that I’m able to pick holes in the plot or the ‘science’ and even if I did, I wouldn’t care at all for it’s just darned good telly. But something on Saturday night is really bugging me.

The Doctor and Martha (a trainee medical doctor) hadn’t met at the start of the programme, so neither knew who the other was. The Doctor runs up to Martha on the street one morning, starts to take off his tie and says to her, ‘See you later’. This is their first meeting. Later that day, they come together again when The Doctor’s in hospital pretending to have some ailment or other. She mentions their earlier encounter, but he denies that it happened. We’re not sure why he denies it, but it doesn’t seem important.

As the day’s events unfold, The Doctor and Martha save everyone in the hospital, and quite possibly the whole world I dare say, from rhinoceroses and one of yer women from Dinnerladies. It was all very exciting and The Doctor was wearing my Converse. Afterwards, The Doctor returns Martha to Earth and to her family, but later asks her to come with him as his companion. He explains to her that he’s a time lord and that he can travel in time. She doesn’t believe him, understandably, so he proves it to her. He does this by hopping into the Tardis, presumably travelling back to that morning and running into her in the street ‘again’, before he comes back. He exits the Tardis fixing his tie, and this is all that’s needed to convince her of what he is.

How? I don’t get it. How would this convince her of anything? Himself has explained it to me four times now, but I just can’t get it.

See, here’s what I think. Just say I told one of you that you texted me at 2.00 in the morning, and you denied it because you couldn’t remember or whatnot. Then, later on, if you were trying to convince me that you’re a time traveller and hopped in your Tardis back to the moment I said you texted me, it wouldn’t persuade me either way because such an action wouldn’t change anything for me. I know that you texted me (and Martha knows that she saw The Doctor that morning), so you just seeming to go back in time to that moment doesn’t help me at all because you’re only confirming what I already know.

Does this make sense to anyone but me? It doesn’t add up. Himself is laughing at me for not being able to get it (and he’s just right, for I’m being an eejit), but nonetheless it’s bugging me a little and I felt like recording it.

Anyway, that aside, wonderful stuff. I could just eat up all the days until seven o’clock next Saturday! David Tennant’s my boyfriend, you know. I mean, he has been for a long time but we were just keeping it between us because of the publicity and stuff. We’re telling everyone now, though. He loves me very much. For reals!

14 responses to “Doctor Who

  1. I didn’t get it either. I mean, I think it’s supposed to make sense to Martha in retrospect, but I don’t see what it proves. I finally caved and watched it today, but since the missus is seriously into it, and I just enjoy it in a kid’s TV sort of way, I’m sort of indifferent about the whole thing!

  2. Good, I’m glad that you didn’t get it either. Marcus has just explained it to me again but he has a much better understanding of these things so I shall have to think about his explanation some more.

    I’m in the middle of the kids TV and the really into it spectrum – there’s no point in taking it too seriously, really.

  3. The Doctor Martha ran into in the street was the “future” Doctor, who had crossed back into her timeline in order to prove a point. So, although she met the Doctor for the first time in the street, he met HER for the first time in the hospital.

    Meh, I shouldn’t bother 😉

  4. Keep in mind that I haven’t seen the episode but from what you’ve just described, Martha should have his tie, since he gave it to her that morning, so if we went back in time and took the tie from Martha, thus exiting the tardis, then hey, presto, he can time travel.

  5. This was a point I made too, Kymee. If he took something from her, or like you say, gave something to her which he then took back, it would have made much more sense. He didn’t give her the tie, though, so his fidgeting with it on exiting the Tardis was neither here nor there for me.

    (Not that I’m taking it too seriously, of course!)

  6. There’s a logical loophole because Martha told the Doctor she saw him in the street and then he went and did it later – so where did the idea originate? If he’d bumped into her and stolen her watch, and if she didn’t see his face but we did, so she didn’t mention it to his earlier self in hospital, and later on he gave her her watch back, then yeah it would have been more convincing!

    But we’re getting into the realms of What If the episode was better written? It’s essentially the same trick, and just a bit of fun to end the episode with a bang – it wasn’t anything integral to the main story or more fans would be complaining now. IMO all that matters for kids is that they understand LISMs comment above and all the actions match up. Leave it to adults to get tied up in knots over something trivial!

    P.S. Bring me back Sophia Myles when you pick up your David.

  7. Tied up in knots indeed, Marcus! Aye, see, as I said to Lism, I get what happened, I just don’t buy it. But you’re right about suspending a little modicum of belief when it comes to these things.

    Re. your postcript: I dare say yer woman’s going to be too busy being greatly annoying somewhere to come with me, but I’ll have a go! 😉

  8. I have only seen bits of this new series so far but I want to watch more of it. I don’t think that i understand much about it either.

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