Guns, man

I don’t have much to say about the shootings in Virginia because, frankly, I wasn’t shocked. If a country as gun-happy as America claims surprise about a deranged kid killing 31 of his peers with one, then more fool it. It was a tragedy, no doubt, but a predictable one nonetheless. A similar thing will happen again at some point in the future. This is a certainty. With any luck, the body Americans trust with their law enforcement will be more dependable next time.

And I won’t be the first to mention the irony of George Bush condemning the killing of 31 innocent people in his country on a day when 180 innocent people were killed in the country that he insisted on attacking. But we’ve all forgotten about Iraq now so that’s OK; it’s all yesterday’s news, and that’s just how Georgie likes it.

The UK is not immune, of course, and I would advise the folk in Downing Street to start paying more attention to the increase in gun crime here. Of course, the victims so far have only really been young black men who were probably involved in gang violence, so the issue is not pressing yet. Or at least I think that’s how it works…

I’m feeling angry about the state of the world tonight, and the people we elect to make it better. I’ve also found a new level of cynicism, it seems.

7 responses to “Guns, man

  1. I could not believe our dumb *ss president’s first statement, through his press secretary, after the shooting. Amid the standard show of concern his speechwriters worked up for him was a jarring plug for his votering base: “The president believes that there is a right for people to bear arms.”

    This is the absolute LAST frickin’ thing he should be saying at such a time. He and his staff have no heart. But we already know that.

  2. Exactly, Doug! Just so long as he protects himself, he couldn’t care less if 31 or 31,000 people are gunned down in one day. I’m sure he’s sorry that it wasn’t a young Muslim lad, though, for that could work quite well for him.

  3. ooo i thought exactly all of these things! snap.

    i can’t beleive that people are arguing that if there hadn’t been a lock down on guns at the school then someone else carrying a gun woul dhave been able to shoot the shooter….. that’s just stupid! yes, hell, lets just have a wild west shoot out in the middle of a school. why not eh?

    as for then 180 people being killed in Iraq and an eyelid not being batted, no candle-lit vigil for those people, no scrutisinig in the press why it happened or the state of mind of the people who did it….no, it’s all part of ‘the war on terror’ so it’s ok.

    and Tony Blair. Argh! i don’t know if i can even start about that guy.

  4. I hadn’t even heard that argument, Pinky! Yes, let everyone carry guns so that they can shoot mass-murderers! That’s certainly progressive thinking!

    There’ll never be an accountability for Iraq, I dare say. Our world just doesn’t work like that anymore.

  5. It tells you something when such events happen and you no longer feel shocked, instead just resigned to the fact that is has happened again. You always know that the inevitable gun ownership discussion will happen where people will simply hide behind the Constitution rather than hold a reasoned debate. I think many people felt the same this time round.

    I think that the Virginia shooting will raise many more questions than it will answer and that the University itself will invariably take the blame for what seems to be the many failings evident so far. People will look for a scapegoat and they will be it, rightly or wrongly. As always, hindsight is a wonderful thing.

  6. Of course, the victims so far have only really been young black men who were probably involved in gang violence,…

    A statement like that from you G, regardless of your Ph.D. studies it quite shocking.

  7. So far, Rich, that’s all that I’ve heard people doing – hiding behind the constitution. Pro-gun commentators are saying that the right to hold guns is in the constitution and that the first five amendments are ‘written in stone and can never be changed’. Why not, I ask! And how does that influence America’s relaxed gun control? It doesn’t, I would have thought, but that’s not being addressed.

    Kymee, your answer’s in your statement. Of course I would never say anything like that! But given the reaction of our Government and lawmakers to the recent shootings in south London, I dare say that that is their thinking. If someone nice, white and middle class was gunned down in the middle of Hertfordshire, there would be a different reaction. Hence the tongue in cheek nature of my comment.

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