Paris Hilton thinks she’s above the law

I’m just going to quote FordPrefect because he said it so well here:

Paris Hilton is a stupid selfish whore. Oh, be as rude about her as you like! She’s famous for having sex on video, taking drugs on video and being racist on video so she can’t accuse other people of lowering the tone.

Paris Hilton is going to jail. Probably. Her counsel went with the I-forgot-I-was-banned-from-driving-when-I-drove defence because it’s vacuous enough to be true, but she got 45 days of glorious incarceration anyway. Try showing a paparazzo your coochie from in there. You can’t, can you? Where’s your rat-dog now?

But Paris Hilton thinks she deserves special treatment and has petitioned Gov. Schwarzenegger to intervene. People who think celebrities (and I use the term loosely, like I called her a “woman”) should not be above the law are counter-petitioning. Please, Lord, give us this one thing.

She really is a vile and despicable human being. I’m a-signing

12 responses to “Paris Hilton thinks she’s above the law

  1. She is only unfairly powerful because of the fascination the world seems to have with celebrity nowadays. She is the worst kind of role model around.

  2. I’m reminded of a trial I heard a few times late last week for the Shaun Keaveny breakfast show on BBC Six Music.

    It went something along the lines of “I’ve heard Paris Hilton has been caught driving whilst on her phone, this is confusing as she isn’t known for being able to do two things at once, unless they happen to be called Rick and Dave.”

  3. We have a pool going on whether or not she actually does jail time. As much as everyone would like to see her in jail, most of us here in Canadia think she’ll somehow get out of it.

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