Spider-man 3

We went to see Spider-man 3 the other weekend. Now, I wouldn’t be a cinema-going-Spider-man-person if it wasn’t for Himself, although I’ll happily watch it on DVD. He’ll not like reading this, I’m sure, but he’ll know what I mean: I like Spider-Man as much as the next person, but it wouldn’t be the first film I’d pay a fiver to see in the pictures if the decision were down to me. Anyway, I’m not sure I’ll be so quick to pay it for Spidey 4 when it comes around.

Spider-Man three was all manner of adventurous with its three baddies and Spider-Man himself going all eviiiiilllll in the middle of it, but it was a shame that it went on for an hour longer than I could be bothered, and that two of the baddies were mediocre at best. Peter was funny and cute when he was being bad, and Harry was funny and cute when he was being good, so that kept me happy for the most part but it stopped there. [In fact, if they make a film of just those two things, I’ll happily throw down my fiver on opening night.] MJ was a one-trick-pony as usual, but I’m not a huge Dunst fan anyway. (It’s the eyes, people! Her eyes are dead – they don’t light up, they don’t smile, they don’t look sad, they don’t look angry – they just sit there in her head like they need an electric shock to make them express. She has vacuous eyes.) Even Aunt May and the flashback clips of Uncle Ben couldn’t get my emotions running, this time. It was a bit of a non-starter in that way.

Meh and bleh, all told. Shame. There’ll be no excitement in this house for Spider-Man 4.

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  1. That’s pretty much what I’d read about it. Several reviews going “meh”. I haven’t seen it cos 1 – I haven’t seen the first two; 2 – The X-Men are cooler (in case you need my opinion on such things). But it’s nice to know not to bother from someone who shares my lack of concern for men in tights…

    Kirsten Dunst looked so bored at the cricket the other day. That’ll teach her to date an Englishman!

  2. Marcus, I knew you were going to say that (about the fiver)! hahahah! But it would have been too clumsy to say Marcus’ fiver the whole way through, and I would have lost some of my impact, no? Besides, I don’t know whether it should be ‘Marcus’ fiver’ or ‘Marcus’s fiver’ and I would have been a little frantic trying to work it out! (If anyone would give me a definitive answer on this, by the way, I would probably love them forever.) 😉

    Mod, I do generally have a lack of concern for men in tights although I have to admit that Dare Devil and I have become close of late (and we all know who to blame for that). Of all the films in all the world, those featuring men in tights are certainly not my favourite. I’ve never seen any X-Men, as it happens. And Dunst always looks bored. It’s those eyes, I tell ya. There’s no life in them, and I think she could be in any emotional state and she’d still look the same. And you’re not selling your fellow Englishmen there, at all!

  3. There was just far too much in it! And going to see comic book films with fanboys is usually a bad idea too. I need to make myself busy when The Dark Knight hits cinemas (this house has been unbearable to live in over the weekend just because of a blimmin bit of viral marketing!)

  4. There was a heck of a lot going on is right. And I don’t mind going with a fanboy, although as his entry indicates, he’s clearly more dedicated than me. I’ve never even heard of The Dark Knight and I’m going to conclude that’s a good thing.

  5. I always seem to migrate back to Figure 8 myself, which was the first album of his that I bought. But actually but seems to be the one I have the most affinity too.

    I have a real love/hate relationship with Ryan Adams. Some of his music I think is pure genius and I tend to have Gold and Cold Roses on rotation in the car. I waited ages to see him play live and then was thoroughly disappointed when I saw him, which left me disillusioned for some time afterwards.

  6. I really love both their voices, which is why they’re a constant for me. A friend of mine, Lism, is somewhat insane about Ryan Adams (and if she sees this, she’ll confirm that I’m sure) but I wouldn’t go that far.

  7. I believe it’s “Marcus'”.

    The only reason I decided to see Spiderman 3 was due to a Radio One interview with him wot plays Harry and Topher Grace. Stupid Topher Grace. His role was horrible and you’re right, it dragged on for far too long. Two hours of crap with no action and then wiz bang the action was over before you knew it.

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