June downloads

I haven’t been keeping up with my monthly downloads at all. I keep running out of patience and time alas. And I seem to be too busy doing Other Stuff.

In any case, June downloads will be the following:

The White Stripes – Icky Thump. Q describes it as ‘their strangest record yet’. It’s full of Celtic folk, poetry and bagpipes, it goes on to say. I hate it already. Truth be told, I’ve hated the White Stripes since about two months after everyone (including myself) started to like them. The brother (or whatever the hell he is for those who care) is an obnoxious idiot and I’m convinced that there’s actually something wrong with the sister. Still, though, I always download their albums to see what they’re up to. From the sounds of it, this’ll be my last time.

Editors – An End Has A Start. I frickin’ loved the début album from Editors, The Back Room, and would happily include it in my favourite albums of 2005 and since, so I’m excited about their second effort. The reviews I’ve read thus far haven’t been as promising as I’d expect, but never would such a thing stop me. I’ll let you know…

Ryan Adams – Easy Tiger. I have to say, I do try to dissociate Adams from his alt-country reputation because I still equate country music with the likes of Big Tom. Nonetheless, I could listen to Adams all day, although I’m happy to leave the more personal lovin’ to Lism. The reviews I’ve read so far are favourable, and he seldom releases anything below par. Nuff said.

I’m sure I’ll also go for a new compilation of songs by Buckley for the sake of completiveness and because everyone should.

That’s it for now.
— —

Briefly, the downloads from March until now have been (so far as I can remember): Sia’s Lady Croissant, BRMC’s Baby 81, Rufus Wainwright’s Release The Stars, The National’s Boxer, Elliott Smith’s New Moon, Feist’s The Reminder, Modest Mouse’s We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists’s Living with the Living, and LCD Soundsystem’s Sound of Silver.

Looking at that, it seems like I haven’t done too badly, really. I still need to find the time to give some of them a good listening to, though. Grr for life taking over.

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