Doctor No

Man, I think it’s ruined my week you know. Doctor Who, that is. I’ve been in a constant State of Frown since 8.00 on Saturday evening, so I can’t deny the correlation. Not only was Saturday’s finale painfully dissapointing but, looking back, I now realise that I found the whole series very dull in places. Smith and Jones didn’t thrill me (and certainly didn’t hook me into the new series); The Shakespeare Code was very dull (and I tried to like it by watching it three times); Gridlock was a disgrace; I think I fell asleep during The Lazarus Experiment; I can’t even remember what 42 was about but it had Cindy Beale I think; and until the last five minutes of Utopia, I don’t think I even bothered watching.

Now, I’ll admit that I enjoyed the return of my beloved Daleks immensely, and Human Nature, The Family of Blood and Blink were nothing short of genius, but this series leaves me feeling very sour indeed. My ratio of tedium to genius speaks for itself, and the numerous wasted opportunites for legendary television with the Doctor and the Master are just unforgivable. (And whoever decided to turn the Doctor into Gollum for half an hour should be forced to move to a desert island with nothing but peas to live on.) Part of me even resents The Sound of the Drums now for making me believe the finale was going to be beautifully magical. For it really was as woeful as it could be.

Tennant gets better and better and make no mistake (which is no mean achievement given what he has to work with), although I’d advise him to pick his companions a little more astutely from now on; and it’s always nice to mess around with Captain Jack for a couple of episodes. But all in all, I’m not inclined to be thumbs-up happy at all. I think I even want them to give it up for a little while until it can find its feet again. That’s me saying I’d go without my David for the sake of the people, ye hear?! It must be bad…

[Edit on 04.07.07: what was I saying about picking companions more astutely? Man alive!]

11 responses to “Doctor No

  1. But have you kept up with Jekyll? I am loving it right now, although I don’t understand why they have to have a really daft bit in each episode. This week was the howling at the moon bit, it sent shivers down my spine. I’m so glad he killed that bloke with the really annoying American accent though. And James Nesbitt is getting quite sexy as Mr Hyde I’m thinking.

    I can’t help but look forward to Christmas and a new Dr Who episode, but you’re right the final episode wasn’t as spectacular or jaw dropping as it should have been. I like to end a series on the edge of my seat looking like I’m catching flies!

  2. By the way, I think my favourite episode this series was Blink. It actually gave Maisie nightmares, which is how Dr Who should be!

    You know, I sometimes have dreams that Muse are in Dr Who.

  3. Fool, I think it’s stupid and farcical – she’s an Australian pop star so why would she be Doctor Who’s companion?! – but it’ll keep the boys (gay and straight) happy. It seems a bit pathetic, frankly.

    A, I have. It’s very silly, isn’t it. I do enjoy it even though I don’t really watch it with my full attention. Nesbitt is sexy as Hyde.

    And Blink was probably by favourite too. It goes to show how fantastically written it was because it was almost Doctorless and still wonderful.

  4. Oh deary me 😉

    I have to say that on balance I loved most of this series, I was only really let down by the daleks (who sadly annoyed me this time around although I had loved the storyline with Rose and the doctor with the daleks from last series…odd). Gridlock was actually one of my favourites, as was 42!

    I can’t bear Captain Jack, he makes me itch but he really saved the finale of the series, mainly through the ‘Face of Bo’ incident, which dropped my jaw. I got a bit lost in the finale, mainly because I hadn’t heard any spoilers and so didn’t really understand that Martha was bowing out, I fully expected it to be resolved by final credits and because it wasn’t I felt a bit meh about it.

  5. This is too funny! We disagree on everything!

    I liked the Daleks and hated Gridlock; and I love Jack and thought that the ‘Face of Bo’ line was stupid.

    Well the world is all about variety! 😉

  6. Isn’t it just 😉

    How odd, no I hated the daleks storyline with the dodgy american accents and the pig men, very weak storyline and I always find the daleks are best when we see less of them but are enveloped in fear, there was just too much ‘dalek’ for me, killed the mystique. Gridlock was a joy because it was an amusing doom laden view of the future. I usually prefer the aliens/ space themes so 42 was great, I don’t often like the ‘back in time’ ones so wasn’t a masssive fan of the Shakespeare one but obviously Family of Blood was a complete triumph, Blink of course was a classic. Not so different after all 😉

  7. See I think the Daleks are wicked wee fellas so I’ll have plenty of them.

    And I suppose not so different after all. But I REALLY like the back in times ones so I was gutted I didn’t like Shakey!

  8. Let’s see what Kylie’s like before we complain. Fans complained when pop star Billie Piper was cast, and that turned out wonderfully.

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