In Rainbows

Ok, dear reader(s), I’m going to come clean: I don’t like In Rainbows at all. In fact, I’m going to go so far as to say that I actually dislike it. And I’ve worked out why: Thom Yorke’s voice. Truth be told, I’ve always found Yorke to be an annoying little toad, but now that I’ve realised that his voice really gets on my nerves, I’m happy to forget about him completely. Man, I should have knocked him over that time when I had the chance (he walked right out in front of my bike, the fool). *

I was excited when I heard about Yorke’s solo album – The Eraser – coming out and I couldn’t understand why I didn’t get into it at all. Now I have my answer. There’s no doubt that OK Computer and The Bends are exemplary albums, Thom Yorke and all, but my interest stops there.

Take it easy Radiohead; it was fun while it lasted.


* I’m joking. Don’t have a go. I wouldn’t ever willingly knock someone over. Even someone that deeply irritating.

19 responses to “In Rainbows

  1. There’s a guy I worked with in Seychelles who couldn’t even cope with Thom Yorke’s voice on OK Computer. On that album, although it’s an album I love more than many, I find “Let Down” to be a track that I often skip as Yorke’s voice started to turn into a whine right there.

    It’s such a shame, but I know exactly what you mean… Where’s the howling strength from Pablo Honey, The Bends & most of OK Computer gone? Glad I chose to pay nothing for “In Rainbows” – I honestly would have gone back and paid something if I thought it was a album I’d ever listen to more than the twice I’ve given it…

  2. I paid a pound, Fool, and I wish I hadn’t bothered. I was ashamed of paying so little but now I’m annoyed I paid at all. Some of the tunes on OK and Bends are enough to make me cry to this day, but all I can hear on this new album is whiney rubbish. Ten times. Ugh.

    Blue, he does, right? I’ve got a real thing about him now. I know where he lives so I might just go over and tell him what I think about him! šŸ˜‰

  3. The saddest thing really is that I’m beginning to see the comparisons people make between Radiohead & C***play, which hurts considering how much I love so much of their early stuff.

  4. The saddest thing really is that Iā€™m beginning to see the comparisons people make between Radiohead & C***play…

    Me too! I’m not even all that bothered by it. I think most people can tell the difference in the quality of their earlier stuff compared to what they’re putting out now.

  5. The first time I saw Thom Yorke on TV I thought to myself: Good lord, there’s an ugly looking bloke. Imagine my unbounded horror when people spent the next two years telling me that I look uncannily like him. Bah.

    Never really saw what all the fuss was about Radiohead, I only really liked Creep, on account of the crunchy guitar-ness.

  6. I’ve always had a big problem with Thom Yorke’s voice, so much so that I avoided listening to The Bends & OK Computer for some considerable time after their release. He is the one voice that just grates and doesn’t sit well with me. On that basis I decided to completely skip ‘In Rainbows’, which seems to have been a wise choice.

    Having said that I find myself recently listening to the new Ryan Adams album which I do think is excellent, so much so that I am thinking of going to see him in Hammersmith in a few weeks time. Of course sods law is that he’ll be as arrogant as he was last time and just wind me up again.

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