The Boy from Space

Oh sweet baby Jesus and the orphans, I never actually thought I would be thanking Russell Brand for anything but today I am. He’s only just gone and helped me answer a question I’ve been asking for years!

See, every so often, I think about a programme we watched in primary school when I was probably about seven or eight. It was the first sci-fi programme I’d ever seen, and it was on the BBC. I’ve only ever remembered two things about it: (1) it involved two men (spacemen) who had blond hair and who wore blue spacesuits; and (2) it was absolutely terrifying! I’ve never been able to think of the programme’s name, and I’ve never had enough to go on to ask the Internet. Until now.

The other week, I saw an advertisement for an upcoming show of Brand’s, and in the ad, he had a clip of the very show I’m talking about. I recognised it instantly (and screamed a little at the television, I do believe!) and have been searching Google for the programme’s title ever since. I was drawing many blanks – Google can be so vague – until today when I gathered all my googling resources and finally got my answer.

The Boy from Space.

The Boy from Fucking Space, people! Of course! I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before. Dear reader(s), this finding has delighted me in ways I can’t describe to you! I’ve lost many hours of sleep trying to think of this programme’s name and trying to remember more about it than I do, and now I feel as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel like I’ve just split the frickin’ atom!

The Boy from Space!

And look: there’s a whole pile of clips and episodes on YouTube.

Imma gonna watch ’em all!

Cheers Russell. May I never be scathing about you ever again. Or at least until next week.

18 responses to “The Boy from Space

  1. I had similar with an album a friend of an ex-girlfriend gave me over ten years ago. I didn’t know the band name, album title or any of the track names and the tape copy was quite bad. After 10 years and some google searches for lyrics from the songs I finally tracked down the album. Took another year and $100 to get a copy though as it was very rare and the label that produced it had gone tits up years ago. The joy when I finally got a (shiny new, hence the huge cost) copy was great 🙂

  2. It’s a great old feeling, isn’t it! I looked on Amazon for DVDs but they don’t have any. I’ll look elsewhere too. If they can put 1960s Doctor Who on DVD, they can put 1971 space boys on DVD too! 🙂

    Hello, by the way! I was thinking just today that I really must pop over to your neck of the web to say hello one of these days. So I shall definitely do so now! 🙂

  3. Oh, just read your reply to Dom. They’ve not put any of them on DVD, but they have been available on video in some places.

    They also repeated a couple of them on Channel 4 a year or so ago.

  4. I don’t have access to a VCR alas, but I’ll watch the Youtube clips. They’re from Look and Read now that you mention it.

    Were the kids terrified? I’ll bet they’re not any more.

  5. This is true. Although I’m becoming less and less impressed with Fielding’s comedic abilities – Boosh last night was mediocre at best, and disappointingly repetitive of the second series.

  6. I am very happy that you found out the name of the program and also found it on you tube, but what now? I’m always ever so slightly disappointed when I find out something that I’ve been trying to find out for ages as the quest is over. You need a new quest. Holy Grail? Fountain of Youth??

  7. I’ve had exactly the same problem, for years i’ve been trying to think of the name of this programme. All i remembered about it was that we sat on a floor and watched it at school and it scared the absolute hell out of me. i never said anything at the time cause non of the other kids seemed scared.

  8. I managed to gain a copy of the Look and read episodes with The Boy From Space story on it for old times sake and for my lad who is now 5 years old. I bought it off someone whom had uploaded it onto Youtube they did me a copy for about 4 quid. I was well Happy seing as i had’nt seen it since i was about 6. It certainly has a Creepy elemant to it. The Look and read bit gets on me nerves though so Me and my mate are extracting The BFS story away from the Look and read Wordy Bit with a bit of my Pals editing Skills were doing the whole Shabang Whipped together with the beginning and end Credits at the start of Chapter 1 and the very finnish of the last one. Thats wot u want!!!!

    • Hi John. That is what you want! 🙂 We just want the creepiness and none of the extras. Hope you enjoyed it the second time around. 🙂

      Thanks for the comment.

  9. Unfortunately folks we have only managed to edit together half of the episodes from BFS coz the Look and Read disc is ‘Fucked’ so to speak in which to Pluck the series from But bare with us where theres a will theres a way !!!!!

  10. I have been looking for this for a while also, and took a while to workout how to “safely” search.. ‘albino alien boy chased by people who werent his parents’.. this scared the sht out of me at school as well

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