The Mighty Bore

Oh, my dear Mighty Boosh, how I used to love you and your funny old ways; and now how thoroughly mundane you are.

Step one: Check it out! I’m Vince and I’m whacky!

Step two: Check it out! He’s Howard and he’s anal.

Step three: Check it out! Watch us sing a song you’ve all heard us sing before.

Step four: Check it out! Here’s a cockney geezer.

Step five: Check it out! Now watch us roll our eyes at each other because I’m WHACKY and he’s ANAL!

Step six: Check it out! Here are some bright colours. You always like them.

Rinse. Repeat. Rinse. Repeat. Rinse. Repeat. Rinse…


34 responses to “The Mighty Bore

  1. You should be ASHAMED!!!!111111

    The ‘Boosh’ have been around a while now but they’re certainly not for everyone, and are quickly becoming not for me either. I’m sure you’d be familiar with them if I were to show you this picture of them, though? They started out doing comedy on the radio (if my memory serves me) and are now on the telly. They also do live shows. I’ve seen them live and that only adds to my disappointment with their third (and current) TV series.

  2. I have never watched this show, but I know that other people like it.

    Maybe not so much nowadays though. I watched that Flight of the Conchords once. Dear God, was it dull.

  3. I haven’t really asked around to see what people think of this series. I must make some enquiries.

    And I like the Conchords, for the most part, although I get very bored with they break into song. In fact, breaking into song in comedy should just not be allowed.

  4. I saw them live a few times before they got big, and used to play the small upstairs theatre at the Hen and Chickens pub in Islington. I know it sounds like a terribly, terribly wanky thing to say, but they really were much funnier before they got all big and famous.

    (Also – I just noticed you’re reading American Gods. Fab, innit? Anansi Boy’s is recommended if you’ve not read it.)

  5. LC, not wanky at all. I can imagine they were a lot funnier before they became famous. It’s fairly common, alas.

    America Gods was very enjoyable, but I started reading two other books part way through, and then forgot about it. I shall return to it shortly. I enjoyed Anansi Boys but I felt Gaiman could have done more with it, particularly towards the end. It got very trite, I think.

    Pinky, I haven’t noticed much difference really. Although it is difficult to look hot when you’re swathed in a 1970s mirror ball. He does look much better when he’s wearing, well, clothes.

  6. I thought he looked lovely when he was in the suit and new haircut. It really suited him!

    (And for some reason, your comments aren’t been emailed to me anymore, Pinky! Just yours!)

  7. I totally agree babe. I used to love it and I was so excited about the new series. I mean, it’s been three years since the last one so I didn’t think it too unreasonable to expect good things. But alas, you’re right. It’s all regurgitated stuff from the first two series. V big disappointment.

  8. See, I know I must be right when a man with such fine taste as yours agrees with me. 🙂

    HELLO by the way. I’ve just read your entry so I know where you’ve been (and what you’ve been doing, you filthy boy!) but it’s good to have to back!

  9. Sadly I cannot comment on their decline. They were unfunny the first time I ever watched them and have remained unfunny ever since. Perhaps if their humour continues to evolve they will eventually be funny in my eyes but unless they turn into children who fall over I doubt if that will happen.

    Children falling over is one of those universal funny things….like dogs with human faces is univerally creepy.

  10. Hi there, I have only seen the first two episodes of season 3 of the boosh. I was really unimpressed by the first one but I thought the second was back on track. So you’re saying it gets bad again after? Oh dear.
    I like Conchords too- I prefer their songs to boosh’s.
    There you go.

  11. HI Red. 🙂

    This entry was written after the second one. The third one was better and I’ll be watching tonight to see what it’s like.

    I prefer Conchord’s songs to Boosh’s too, although I would prefer if they both did fewer of them!

  12. This weeks episode wasn’t so bad.

    I’m at work and bored. I love internet at work. But it helps when the people you like to read update their frickin’ journals. Pff.

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