I’ve just blocked someone on Facebook for the first time.

I received a poke and this followed:

Me: Do we know each other?

Him: Don’t think so. Why?

Me: Because you poked me here.

Him: Well sorry, didnt (sic) know it would offend, did it? Just trying to get reactions ere (sic) lol.

I didn’t respond again. I mean, really! Do people actually still think that Facebook is Myspace and that everyone has 7,628 friends they’ll never even say hello to? It’s the risks you take with social networking, innit. I block.

Social networking gets on my nerves, frankly, and if it wasn’t for Facebook’s ability to make my keeping in contact with friends 100 times easier, I wouldn’t use it at all. (Although I would pay good money for them to introduce a daily/ weekly/ monthly email digest for notifications. The applications suck, to boot.)

But here’s the rub. I’ve ranted here before about the Facebook Invasion, although admittedly most people volunteer their information freely; and only recently, I’ve started to realise that it’s true what they say: despite it being ‘easier’ to maintain contact with friends on social networking sites, it’s made us all lazier too. Three word wall messages do not a friendship make. I resent that I’ve come to rely on Facebook so much, and I kick myself when an old friend adds me and I say to myself, ‘Great, we can keep in contact now’. Really (and frankly), we should have been keeping in contact all along. I wonder how much Facebook (and other social networking sites) convince us that we have more friends than we really have, and that we’re closer to our friends than we really are. When I calculate the proportion of my 200-odd Facebook friends I’m in active contact with, it all seems a little futile to me.

And then there’s myspace. Seriously, why does everyone on myspace have 7,628 friends? I think I missed the point of myspace at the start, and I’ve never been able to pick it up since. The fact that every myspace profile I click on (and I try not to click on any for the blinding colours and blaring music are just too much) lists countless friends increases my confusion. I’ve developed an unnatural hatred for myspace. And I intend to keep it.

Don’t even get me started on bebo.

I’ve forgotten the point of this entry. Yes, blocked. I’ve got a headache.

17 responses to “Blocked

  1. The latest one to do my head in is Twitter. I’ve got an account, but I never use it (because I have no desire to read a micro-update every time one of my friends buys a magazine or does a particularly magnificent poo – at least Facebook status updates overwrite each other) yet recently I’ve noticed a spate of add requests from people who are “following” 4,000 users. Why in the world..?

    I hate everyone, basically.

  2. I only set up my FB account to find fellow bloggers (does that make me a stalker?) ..then people kept finding me (although I only have 18 friends .. allegedly – and some of those I am related to!

    Myspace was so crap I deleted myself but Icklesis loves it! (takes all sorts)!

    I just use FB as a medium at work to speak to The Admirer .. thwack him or get a daily bashing between Scottish and English rugby .. which the Scots, ie me, are currently winning! 😀

    Note to self: Need more friends .. must find Tender! 😀

  3. Argh, Myspazz, :shakeshead:

    I find with the aforementioned site, that people seem to just try to put together the most unreadable profiles. A profile clearly isn’t acceptable until it has a background that makes the foreground unreadable for starters.

    To be fair I’d pretty much given up on FB until Soupy found me on there.

  4. Yes and no. All my work is generally internet based, so at any one point I will have several browsers open and usually one of those if for normal surfing.

    But yes, sometimes you can spend too much time on there.

  5. How crap are your browsers, tender, if you need an uber fast computer just to have a number of them open 😛

    I’ve got 3 browsers open with a total of… 14 tabs and my mac isn’t even breaking into a sweat 😀

  6. Well, my work computer is crap – we don’t need very high specs for using Word and Outlook so it struggles at times. But ever since I took the ForecastFox extension off FF, my work computer hasn’t struggled at all. I think that extension just ate memory.

    My home laptop could cope with several open browsers, but I don’t ever have the need to have more than one instance of FF open.

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