Over the line

I’ll usually talk about anything. Indeed, the more I shouldn’t talk about something, the more I’m likely to talk about it. But the case of the Austrian father is too much even for me. I probably should want to theorise, ad nauseum, about why he did what he did and what his compulsions and motivations meant, but this case feels out of bounds. Speculating intellectually about events such as this is most often the preserve (and privilege) of those who have nothing better to do and who have never experienced anything like it. I draw the line at that in this case. My only thoughts on this whole ordeal are with the victim and her children (also victims). They deserve not to become a case study for the rest of the world.

6 responses to “Over the line

  1. I heard this on the radio and was just lost for words.

    With some luck the media furore will die down in the coming days and these people can salvage whatever life they can for the rest of the time.

  2. My usual love for all things BBC was tested over this. The website article had the usual request for comments from the public on their views. This time they asked residents of the village for their feelings including the question :

    “Are you shocked?”

    It was like Daily Bigot journalism – of course they bloody well are, but do we need to hear obvious, banal claims or disgust and horror? Pointless…

  3. Perp, lost for words indeed. Horrific. I think because it’s in Austria, the media furore will die down soon enough here, but it will be going on for a long time there.

    Karl, that’s unbelievable. Shameless ratings journalism with no care for the effects of something like this. I find the BBC leaning towards that more and more, alas.

    Jaded, I know. So many questions.

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