Boy stabbed. Sister actress makes news.

Another stabbing in London. Yes.

But does it strike anyone else as strange that Ben Kinsella’s death has become more about his ex-Eastenders actress sister than him?

The Mirror: EastEnders star Brooke Kinsella in emotional tribute to murdered brother

BBC: Sister’s tribute to ‘true angel’

The Sun: Stabbing grief of EastEnders star Brooke

The Telegraph: Ben Kinsella, brother of EastEnders actress Brooke Kinsella, is murdered

Sky: Actress Pays Tribute To ‘True Angel’

Daily Mail: EastEnders star’s tribute to murdered brother as she begs for end to knife epidemic

Guardian: Brother of actor is 12th teenage stab victim

The Times: Actress Brooke Kinsella’s brother is London’s latest knife victim

I’m not really sure what that’s about, but it makes me feel very cynical and uneasy. When I walked past the newstand in Tesco this morning, I saw her face five or six times. I saw his once.

6 responses to “Boy stabbed. Sister actress makes news.

  1. It’s just the way things are isn’t it. Celebrity brother stabbed, gets more attention that boy stabbed.

    Some may say it is a sign of the ever increasing celebrity culture in this country.

    Psychologists would probably say the reason people take notice of the former more is something to do with emotional attachments or a tangible link to an event or something.

    The only defence I have for the papers is perhaps the interest is how two siblings from the family can have such contrasting outcomes to their lives. One a successful actor, one a victim of knife crime.

  2. I agree with James’ statement – it is the cult of celebrity at work. If you are a celeb it’s newsworthy. If you’re related to a celeb it’s newsworthy. If a celeb did it to you it’s newsworthy. Otherwise take a ticket and stand in line, right behind the stories about Britney and Naomi and Amy etc.

    Sick doesn’t even begin to explain the media that serves us but the trouble? The trouble is we lap it up. Or we don’t riot in the streets asking for our humanity to be respected.

  3. I’d also agree that it is simply because of the celebrity angle. The editors know that it will sell more newspapers and that they can be more sensationalist as a result.

    Sad to say, it also makes the tragedy more interesting. Because otherwise it would be just another teenage stabbing in London and they are not so newsworthy on their own, now that there have been so many.

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