The women of Britain are disgusting, apparently

Misogyny is alive and well. As if we ever thought otherwise.

From the Daily Mail:

Young British women leave behind their inhibitions as well as their worries when they go on their summer holiday, a survey shows.

One-third of those questioned admitted having slept with at least two men during the same holiday.

One in six has had a fling with three or more men, according to the poll of 2,000 women with an average age of 25.

A quarter of women cheat while away without their partner, although only one in ten is found out.

But boys are as tempted to stray as girls, with the same proportion of men admitting to holiday infidelity.

More than half of the women said it was best to be single during the summer months.

Four out of five has had a fling with a fellow holidaymaker.

In general, the women said they were more sexually active while holidaying.

On average, they have three holidays a year during which they have sex three times a day.

Their attitude to safe sex also appears to relax while away.

Only six out of ten said they packed condoms for their trip, with almost half admitting they do not worry about catching a sexually transmitted disease on holiday.

Despite being away, British women still seek home comforts when it comes to holiday romance.

Englishmen are regarded as the most romantic by those questioned in the survey for More magazine.

Almost half the women had been sexually harassed on holiday, a third had been mugged or had their belongings stolen and 12 per cent said their accommodation had been broken into.

Chantelle Horton, deputy editor of More, said: ?For most young women, a holiday is like a fortnight of Saturdays, so if they are single they will want to party as much as possible. ‘There is still some concern about women being too relaxed about STIs when on holiday, but the attitude is a lot better than it used to be.’

Of course, the focus is all on women and we’re supposed to believe that men behave like little angels on holiday. Not to mention that it is none of anyone’s business who has sex with who on holiday or any other time. But such logical boundaries are of no use to the women-haters. I wouldn’t expect anything else from Daily Bigot readers, but it’s the comments which I find most appalling.

After the jump.

British women, in the main, behave loosely when they go on holiday – so the news that they cheat on their partners, frankly, is not even mildly surprising.


(What a fantastic play on words. You should be very proud of yourself)

Yet another reason for the rest of the world to laugh at us. A great foundation for a subsequent happy marriage? I don’t think so. Our society is so so sick.

(Because women should be focused only on getting married, presumably?)

Classy, I don’t think. Equality at its worst: women behaving like men. Liberalism has done no one any favours.

(Read: it was a better world when women knew their place.)

I would like to know who these two lucky men are. They are obviously getting everyone else’s share.

(Read: women are to be passed around like bowls of sweets, don’t you know.)

The women of Britain are disgusting.

(Surely the most wonderful comment of them all.)

And many more…

Seriously, what do you expect from a generation that gave us 200,000 abortions per year (many of which were conceived through casual sex), the destruction of the family, and high divorce rates? Should we be surprised?! = If you think this lot is bad wait until you see THEIR children becoming adults.

Typical English girls.

I resent women behaving like common tramps because it’s people like me that then have to fend off unwanted attention when on holiday. The same is true of clubs and pubs. So many women behave like tarts, that we’re all tarred with the same brush. It makes me really cross.

Does this mean English girls behave differently when they are back home? I do not think so. Take a walk on any town on any night. An eye opener.

Long live the women-haters, huh. And some people say that there’s no longer any need for a feminist movement…

18 responses to “The women of Britain are disgusting, apparently

  1. Frankly, given the appalling journalistic standard of the Daily Wail, its sensationalist reporting style and its readers I am not surprised about either the article or the associated comments.

  2. What scares me is how many people actually BUY this newspaper.
    People with whom I work who seem like perfectly reasonable people bring in this rag and I feel like screaming at them- How could you!

  3. Those comments give me the creeps. I often find though that the commenters on almost all online newspapers give full vent to their misogny, racism and narrow-mindedness. Something to do with being safely anonymous.

  4. Blue, they’re as real as you and I, alas. They just stand on a different side of the road, as it were.

    Perp, it’s an appalling publication, yes. And it’s a disgrace that anyone reads it, but it has a massive following. And, unfortunately, as I’ve just said to Blue, its following comprises Real People (shocking as that is). And they’re the same people who, for example, would not convict a rapist, regardless of the evidence, because the victim was wearing a short skirt. That’s why it troubles me.

    Helen, what is it about!? It’s not even well written or particularly informative!

    Charlotte, it’s very easy to sit behind a computer screen and call people ‘sluts’ or any other offensive term. I used to think that opening up newspapers online for public commenting was a very progressive idea. Now I just see that it mainly just offers a voice to the most bigoted people we have.

    LYG, right! That WHOLE point was ignored. A few people flagged it up in the comments, but to what use.

  5. You and Mr Handy seem to read the Daily Bigot a lot more than other people I know. I’m sure it’s just so you can report on these types of stories….but still. See…I don’t get offended by them, because I don’t read them. Just saying :o)


  6. Tender – I have to read the Daily Mail regularly for my work (serious!!) and I have to say, it really churns up the best topics for blog commenting!

  7. There’s only one thing here that surprises me and that is that nobody seems concerned that unprotected sex is more relaxed. I would have thought that this would be a more constructive focus rather than those filthy, dirty, women with their evil womanly ways and their vaginas corrupting us innocent men. Every Daily Mail reader knows that the clitoris is the root of all evil even if they can’t tell you where it is.

  8. …Daily Bigot who just want to demonise women

    A touch over exaggerated there wouldn’t you say? I’m quite sure that is not their editorial agenda, no matter how it may come across?

  9. In this case, I think that was very clearly their agenda. It was, as LYG pointed out, a non-story before it even started; yet they still managed to paint such a degrading picture of women that it resulted in all those comments.

  10. Their agenda surely is to sell more papers. A non story about women enjoying themselves on holiday by having sex with men has several ingredients for a sellable story. Sex and scandal, all they need is someone buggering a member of the royal family and they’ll have it all.

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