All dem Oirish sing lovely so dey do

Some people are horribly naive. And they clearly have no idea that they’re being offensive. Take Rose McGowan for example.

Hollywood actress Rose McGowan has said she would have joined the IRA if she lived in Belfast during the Troubles.

McGowan stars in Fifty Dead Men Walking, an adaptation of IRA informer Martin McGartland’s autobiography.

“My heart just broke for the cause,” she told a news conference ahead of the film’s world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Ach, her wee heart just broke for the cause (so it did). She ‘would have joined the IRA’ had she lived in Belfast during the Troubles (so she would). Well ain’t that just lovely!

Has this woman ever read a newspaper in her life? Has she any idea what ‘the cause’ was even about? Did she ever even set foot on Irish soil during the Troubles she romanticises so much? What does she think we Catholics in Northern Ireland were doing? Sitting around, signing our Irish tunes, drinking our cups of tea, and smacking the odd Protestant around the head? For ‘the cause’. No, we were hearing every single day of yet another bombing or shooting, we were being stopped by the army every time we left our homes, we were checking under our cars for bombs, we were being evacuated from our homes and schools, and we were wondering when the hell it was all going to end. And if it would end before one of our loved ones got killed. That’s what it was like in Northern Ireland, Miss McGowan. That’s what ‘the cause’ meant to most of us. And the Republican terrorists were no better or worse than the Loyalist terrorists. So why don’t you just take your ridiculous romantic Hollywood notions of the cute wee Oirish and their sweet wee passions and grow the fuck up.

10 responses to “All dem Oirish sing lovely so dey do

  1. I saw this earlier and wondered when you’d post about it.

    It seems to be another example of a braindead and clueless Hollywood figure in the media talking rubbish based off ill informed and Americanised assumptive/manipulated historical tosh.

  2. you’re wonderful. I did have a little bit of snot come out of my nose when I read what you wrote: “What does she think we Catholics in Northern Ireland were doing? Sitting around, signing our Irish tunes, drinking our cups of tea, and smacking the odd Protestant around the head?”

    Hopefully she wasn’t that empty in the head that she didn’t realize the suffering that occured (and still occurs). Even if it did take her THIS long, at least she has finally opened her eyes.

  3. There’s so much I want to say. I bring to mind some of the things people have said about South Africa. I think in the end people can never begin to imagine the horror so it is better for them to… shut up? No. Not shut up – Rose’s ignorance is the enemy here. She should catch a wake up (or an education). There are important stories to be told, but both sides of the story need to be told and maybe she’s not the one to be doing it.


  4. There are certainly important stories to be told, missusem, but they absolutely cannot be told by someone who has a rose-tinted view of what political struggles are about and what they entail. I really do think that this woman believes that we all had a beautiful time during the Troubles meeting secretly and carrying out fantastically sexy covert operations. She really has not got as clue.

  5. Crumbs! I think you forgot “eating dem potatoes” in your list of rose-tinted McGowanisms. As an army brat we learned that the “enemy” wasn’t Proddies or Micks (you started the racial stereotypes and I’m just joining in) it was everyone. The British weren’t welcome but some still felt that we were needed. As a kid we learnt to be wary of any stranger.

    That’s not to say that the Irish were a special case. The same was true in Cypress and I’m sure it is as true in Iraq today. When one nation forces it’s will on another they will foster discontent which will make them enemies even if they weren’t before.

    I don’t think anyone was happy during the troubles and I’m so very glad that we all sat down and had a nice chat over a cup of tea and sorted out most of our differences.

    I’d rather not have Rose McGowan putting on a bad accent and flaunting her ginger mop to dredge up a whole world of discontent all over again. The Irish jokes have gone stale with the change in attitude and poor Rosie has missed the market on simpering but tough freedom fighter.

    • Hover, so sorry for taking months to respond to this comment!

      You’re right in everything you say, and I completely agree that the last thing the world needs ever is McGowan doing a Kidman in Far and Away in a crass Hollywood interpretation of the Oirish. Hollywood’s seldom managed to get us right before now, so I can’t imagine this would be any different!

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