I’m the Doctor, and I just snogged Madame de Pompadour!

It has to be said, I’m fussy about my Doctor Who companions. In fact, I’m probably fussier about my companions than I am about my Doctors.

Historically, the Doctor’s companions have been very hit and miss. Patrick Troughton’s Jamie and Zoe were wonderful; Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker’s Sarah Jane was divine; Baker’s Harry was a joy; but his and and Peter Davison‘s Nyssa and Tegan were dreadful. Etcetera, etcetera.

In the new series, I adored Rose. I thought she was great and I could have watched the natural chemistry between her and David Tennant’s Doctor all day. It was so wonderfully reminiscent of Tom Baker’s Doctor and Romana. It’s no wonder she stayed in the show for so long, for she was both popular and good at what she did.

Martha, bless her, was a disaster. She couldn’t act, she was annoying to watch (I still impersonate her constant breathless panicking for a friend), and for someone who was apparently studying medicine, she was really very stupid. (In real life interviews, it seems the actress who played Martha is, indeed, a bit thick.) Praise the Gods they got rid of her quickly, even if she did have to make several Russell-T-everything-must-be-massive-and-brilliant-Davies reappearances. She’s gone for good now, I think.

Donna was just as you would expect Catherine Tate to be, but it worked. Again, she and David Tennant’s Doctor worked very well together. She was clever and engaging. I wouldn’t have liked her to be any more Catherine Tate but she hit the mark well. She’s a funny woman, really.

But few can match the sheer obnoxiousness of Amy Pond, the companion in the current series. Here she is, travelling with the universe’s most interesting and engaging genius, and she spends her time trying to make out that she’s cleverer than he is. She’s really not. Every line is delivered in a, ‘Yes, I know, you’re boring me now’ attitude and tone of voice when we all know that there’s no way she could know that and she’s just being deeply annoying and arrogant. She was constantly nasty and selfish towards her fiancé for no reason, and (with only a smattering of exceptions) she seems to be completely devoid of human emotion. It’s very hard to watch her and I tend to look away from the screen a lot when she’s on it. If I didn’t think better, I would believe that the production team told her to ‘play it psychopathically’ but that’s surely not how WHO does business. I think she’ll be in it for another series, or we would have heard otherwise by now. It’s a shame, really, for she’s totally ruined this one for me and I’m sure there are plenty out there who could do a much better job.

16 responses to “I’m the Doctor, and I just snogged Madame de Pompadour!

  1. I’ve only watched the newer stuff but I’d agree with most of this. I always think I’ll hate Billie Piper, and yet she was pretty damn watchable. Martha was a snoozefest and Amy irks me beyond belief.
    Best thing about Donna was doing away with all that ‘the companion is instantly in luuuuurve’ with the Doctor business. She got to be the heroine (even if RTD then wiped her achievement from her memory, thus negating her journey. Twat).

    • RTD is an honest to god twat. Can’t stand him, delighted he’s gone, please don’t ever come back.

      I never minded Billie Piper, I have to say. Although her choice in husbands was once questionable. Glad you agree on the rest. Donna was a breath of fresh air, and completely able for the Doctor. That’s what many companions, particularly Amy, lack. Arguably, they could just be written better…

  2. I feel responsible because all your favourite old-school companions are from my DVD shelf!

    I really like Karen Gillan in interviews but I can’t get my head around what they’re doing with Amy. Do they mean for her to be so dislikeable or is Karen (or are the writers) failing to get her across right?

    • Well, that could be true, fella. But I’ve caught enough of the companions who are not in your shelves to know I do not like (see, for example, Bonnie Langford). I’m also not crazy about the first Romana or Leela, and they’re in a lot of yours. So, don’t worry that you’ve influenced me too much! 🙂

      I don’t know either. I think perhaps it’s the writers/ producers. Surely, as a new companion, they wouldn’t let her play it like that. It seems to be intended but heaven knows why. (I may have contradicted what I said in my post there, but I can’t fathom it, you see.)

  3. Leela works for me cos of the teacher/pupil dynamic. She’s so unusual and she’s fortunate to be in many of my favourite stories. It’s not because of the leathers!

    All the Eighties lot are shit except Turlough.

    At least Amy’s dead now, eh?

  4. I simply cannot watch this new series because of Amy. I really cannot stand her. She is a dreadful character.

    The transition to a new Doctor always troubles me and I loved David Tennant so I suppose I was ready to be disappointed by this series, but I have found Matt quite engaging. But Amy puts me off so much that I have only watched two episodes so haven’t bonded with him.

    • Soupy, I completely agree; she’s terrible.

      I loved David Tennant too, and I really like Matt (although his shtick is getting repetitive) but she’s just woeful. I really want to slap her smug little face. Hopefully they’ll get rid soon.

      To be honest, this series has been very weak in places anyway, so you haven’t missed much.

  5. I can’t stand Amelia/Amy Pond either! I loved Martha Jones though and I loved Donna too. I couldn’t stand Rose!!! haha. how odd how some people like things in ways that others don’t.

    My favourite companions of old are Romana II, Leela, Ace, Ian, Zoe, Nyssa, Jo Grant, Sarah-Jane Smith, Adric, Romana I, and Victoria.

    My least favourites ever: Peri, Mel, Tegan, Turlough, Amy Pond

    • Victoria, the general feel I get from the Interbets is that Amy Pond is not popular at all. I really hope they drop her soon.

      I knew you didn’t like Rose, and DID like Martha. Funny! I like most of the companions you liked, but I hated, hated. hated Adric. Ugh!

      • haha. Most people hated Adric, I’ve heard. I really adored him a lot. I always did as a child, but don’t really know why. I think I loved how smart he was even if he did pry into things that weren’t really his business. I especially think that his sacrifice was really rough. I loved Adric so much I had a cat named after him!

  6. right………….
    rose tyler is totally the best companion, hottest companion, and sexies companion ever.
    caetherine is the funniest companion ever
    martha is the rubbishest companion ever.
    amy pond is better then martha.
    top 3 companions i like.
    1.rose tyler
    2.donna noble
    3.amy pond
    billie piper and david tennant were made for eatchother.
    i wonder who winstons dad really is

    probabley david he he

    • hehe. I think that some of the companions in the old WHOs (e.g. Sarah Jane, Romana, Zoe, Jamie, Harry, Turlough) were much better than any of the companions in the new series but I would probably rank the new companions much the way you have. 🙂

  7. I’m more or less with HELEN above, except that I hated Donna Noble and I think the biggest problem Amy Pond has is her twat of a Doctor. Teamed with Tennant (second best Dr ever, after Eccleston and no-one *ever* agrees with me about him, either) she’d be great(er).

    • Martin, you and I just CANNOT agree on Doctors! I thought Matt Smith was wonderful. Ok, his schtick got a little samey towards the end but as Doctors go…

      I just don’t what to do about your taste! 😉

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