I’ve been wrapped up in a white duvet all day wondering what’s going on with my back, stomach, head, legs and and arms (I think I have food poisoning), so the only purple I can attest to wearing is one of the stripes on my pyjamas. But I am there in every other way.

No, wearing purple today is not going to go a terribly long way to decreasing homophobia and discrimination, and no, it’s not going to going to instantaneously end anti-LGBT bullying, but what it will do is raise awareness of the problem. And it is a problem. So today, just one day, shut the fuck up with your prejudices, think of someone other than yourself, and remember that there are some very vulnerable LGBT youth who need more of your support and less of your hatred.

Also, here and here.

2 responses to “Purple

  1. It’s not just hate. Hate isn’t needed when ignorance will do the trick. I know a man who gets on very well with the lesbian who lives next door, but nonetheless still insists that “society keeps telling [GLBT people] how right they are”. It was all I could do not to hit him, but the thing that stopped me was the realisation that he genuinely didn’t know any better. It wasn’t that he hated anyone, or any group. It was just that he’d unthinkingly swallowed a pile of nonsense about how there is no discrimination, put out by the sort of people who discriminate.

    If I’d had a chance to think about it, I would have suggested he might want to try pretending to be gay for a day and see how people treated him. I’d be very surprised if he came back and reported that anyone had come up to him and told him how right he was.

    • Mongoose, agreed. It’s about both ignorance and hatred. And hatred increases with ignorance, there is no doubt.

      I don’t really understand what you mean by “how right they are” though. What does your neighbour mean by that?

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