My carbon footprint and a gawdawful confession

(Imma starting my prompt-posting right now, so I am!)

Would you ever calculate your carbon footprint? (Prompt from Plinky.)

Yes. And then no.

I would like to but I don’t know how. I know I could learn but considering the most travel I do is to Asda in the car (forgetting for a moment a longhaul flight at the weekend), I dare say I’m not doing the most damage. But it would be interesting to know…

Actually, this leads me to a confession. I have recently become involved in a petition/ social justice site whereon I sign numerous petitions every day. They are invariably excellent causes and mirror my own concerns with women’s rights, human rights, animal rights, human trafficking etc. I also sign petitions about the environment and sustainable food, though I don’t always understand The Science.

Anyway, I was sceptical at first and but I signed as many petitions as I thought were worthwhile and waited to see what happened. As it turns out, a lot happens. Advertisers change their campaigns, senators change their votes, the wrong imprisoned are freed, politicians are made accountable, schools change their polices, and, in often very small ways, the world becomes a better place.

But I must confess: I will not sign a petition if the grammar used within is incorrect. I just can’t. If you don’t have your commas in the right place, if you abuse semi-colons, if I spot one too many errant apostrophes, if you don’t know the difference between title and sentence case, I am not signing you. I don’t care if your petition is to save the whole damned world, you will not have my X on the end of you.

I am surely a terrible person. That there just undoes all the good I do otherwise, I’m sure of it…

3 responses to “My carbon footprint and a gawdawful confession

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  2. Wow, I did not realise that the site has such a capacity to effect change. Good to read. I try not to pass too many judgements on other people’s grammar as I’ve been told mine is truly awful.

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