What I’ve been reading – irreverence, SCREAM, Trump for WH, girls before boys, feminism in Poland

Quite the variety today. Well, there is a lot of bank holiday confusion.

Cult American author James Frey’s new novel is both a work of art and a bombshell hurled at the religious right. It tackles the Second Coming of Jesus in modern America – with the promised Messiah enacting the deeds the religious right consider most wicked. He is, for example, an active bisexual who supports his prostitute girlfriend when she aborts her first child.

Crikey. The lapsed Catholic in me always enjoys a good satire/ critique/ ribbing of all things religious so I think I’ll give this a go. Why wouldn’t Jesus, whoever he was, be gay, sexually active, and perhaps even a little bit naughty? Surely even he had his desires. I have no idea if the book will be well written or not, but it’s worth a shot. The comments on the slate article are rather derisory (perhaps predictably), but I won’t pass any remarks on them for now.

  • More slate. I tired to read that review of Scream 4 (though who knows why, for I never intend to see it) but my head was sore by the time I got to the third paragraph or thereabouts. Movie within a movie within a sequel within a movie within a sequel. Or something. Wha?! I know that it’s all ironic man and shit but I would like to remind the makers of Scream 4 of a phrase we have in Ireland: yer kicking the arse out of it. (Translation: enough is enough.) Or perhaps that’s another irony. Why I am I still talking about this…?
  • In more serious (though no less frightening) news, Donald Trump is running for the White House again (slate). I mean, he hasn’t a chance but oh em gee! Tomasky is right in Comment is Free when he says that Trump would be a horrible president. He really would! (Mind you, I’m not sure what point Tomasky was making in the remainder of that piece. I think it’s something about Trump being racist.) The most that Trump will achieve is increasing support for Obama, I dare say, so it might not be a bad thing overall. That said, Obama better start impressing me soonish or I’m not going to give him my theoretical vote in 2012. Just sayin’…
  • I seriously could give two damns about what the royal family (no title case here) but but this is something that I do feel strongly about and I suppose it’s apt at the moment. It is currently possible for a younger brother to accede to the throne before older sisters because the law of primogeniture allows men take precedence. Nick Clegg is, apparently, asking for this law to be examined. I suppose he’s good for something…

For a good part of the last two decades, becoming a feminist was a sure way to make oneself ridiculous in Poland. You were viewed as a naive enthusiast of western ideas, supposedly irrelevant to Polish culture, or worse – a fossil from former times, a communist. Well, the days of feminist martyrdom are over: in the runup to Poland’s presidency of the European Union, women’s rights have become a serious and respectable topic of public debate. Feminism is all but a fad, with major celebrities speaking publicly for equality, and attending Women’s Day street demonstrations. The third European Women’s Congress, planned for September 2011 in Warsaw, is presented as one of the presidency’s major events, a showcase of Poland’s successful modernisation. The prime minister, Donald Tusk, recently said in a speech that his government intends to listen closely to the recommendations of the congress.

There is, unfortunately, a counter-article however (also guardian). The second article indicates that women in Poland (and not just the feminist movement) are derided as much as ever:

“A woman at a conference shouldn’t be wearing trousers. Are you sure you don’t have a dress, sweetheart? Come on, we’ll buy you one. Do you think I can’t afford it, madam editor?” These very words were once said to me by a certain Polish diplomat.


Reet. I’m done blogging until after the bank holiday weekend. I hope you’ll all join me in ignoring the royal nonsense tomorrow. Vive la revolution!

6 responses to “What I’ve been reading – irreverence, SCREAM, Trump for WH, girls before boys, feminism in Poland

  1. Assuming that Jesus, the man, really existed it is very likely that he would have been married. The culture of the time and social pressure would have made it very difficult for him to have gained respect among his peers if he weren’t a married man. There is even a theory that the Wedding at Cana, where Jesus performed the first miracle of turning water into cool aid (or something), was his wedding. Of course the little woman has no name but what were you expecting, honestly? This isn’t anti-theist rhetoric but genuine historical theodicy so you know that it isn’t all just made up.

    Then there is that incident that Christians gloss over in the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus was spending some quality time with a young naked boy (Mark 14:51-52). Now it may have just been warm that night and I’m not saying that Jesus liked some boy flesh or anything but he wasn’t one to speak out against the love that a man can feel for his batsman.

  2. I shall be up a fell in Borrowdale tomorrow or as far up to Greenup Edge as my heel injury allows. Bah to all the nonsense.

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