In brief: how abortion caused the US debt crisis

RHRealityCheck argues on that the “sex panic” (which started in the 60s and 70s, when the sexual revolution took place and women secured their reproductive rights) has brought about a consistent and pervasive right-wing populist – currently in the form of the notorious “Tea Party” whose members are, for example, very keen on limiting women’s reproductive choice (e.g., through contraception, abortion etc.). This populist movement has sustained itself by continuing to engage in the “sex panic” because it objects to women’s sexual liberation and autonomous choice-making about their own bodies.  And it is the right-wing populists (encouraged by the Republican Party which then exploited their wrath and used it for its economic gains) who brought about the debt crisis. Ergo, abortion caused the debt crises.

I can see how it works, and the piece does present a logical argument in and of itself (e.g., there’s no doubt that there’s a continued right-wing furore around women’s sex lives and reproductive choices) but I can’t help but conclude that the argument overall is rather too flippant for such an important issue. Apart from this bit. This bit is true no matter what the problem is.

This crisis was averted, but we should not forget the important lesson learned here.  The constant feeding of the paranoid, sexually and racially panicked right wing extremist imagination does not come without consequences.

Also, right-wingers, you’re not looking so clever now, are you? In fact, if you weren’t so destructive, you’d be laughable. But regardless: in the words of the yoof, you’ve been pwned!

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