Abortion Rights – Anti-choice counselling: tell your MP to say NO!

This might well be the most important thing I post all year.

PLEASE follow this link and write to your local MP.

We need you to stand up for access to safe, legal abortion and the right to impartial information.

The Department of Health is planning to introduce new counselling requirements for women seeking abortion, which could limit their access to impartial advice and delay access to services.

Based on amendments to the Health and Social Care Bill, the proposals strip abortion providers of the right to provide pre-abortion counselling, and could see anti-choice groups invited to offer pregnancy counselling in their place.

The purpose of these proposals is to limit access to impartial information and deter women from having the procedure. We believe they are damaging, unnecessary and should be rejected.

The amendments could be debated and voted on in the House of Commons as early as 6th or 7th September.

We want to make sure MPs know the facts about what these changes would mean for women and hear the views of the pro-choice majority who support the right to safe, legal abortion in this country.

9 responses to “Abortion Rights – Anti-choice counselling: tell your MP to say NO!

  1. Dorries again! What a revolting individual.

    You know that David Willetts is my MP but I’ll give the slimy little worm a chance to represent his constituents views one more time.

    • Ugh. Dorries is dangerous. But she has a following.

      Yes, I do know that indeed. 😦 You might as well give it a whirl! A number of people have already told me that they have heard back from their MP saying that s/he supports the proposals. Very troubling.

      • I’ve just checked his voting record and he has a history of supporting men’s rights and is against IVF to produce a child that could be used as a donor for a sibling (IVF and sibling saviour votes). He dodged the last vote on changing the termination time.

        It’s worth a shot though. The very worst that can happen is that I’ll have another reason not to vote for him.

        • WOW! You really can tell what kind of politician he is from that record, can’t you? No, you have no chance with him.

          I’m not sure what way my Labour guy will respond.

  2. I did get a letter from one of his minions about a month after the vote. All it said was that he didn’t vote for the amendment. I don’t think that he’s that interested in hearing the views of his constituents now that he’s a minister in charge of cuts.

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