In brief: I need tunes

Right, I have finally upgraged to spotify premium. After battling with its restricted “open” allowances for a while, I gave up on spotify altogether, but was then faced with the hassle of ensuring that I had all of the music I wanted stored locally (on three computers and one iPhone). That got very old very quickly.

A tenner a month isn’t that much, really, to have everything you want where you want it all of the time. So that’s what I’ve done. However, I had become quite accustomed to using spotify for finding new music and I haven’t been bothered to look in its absence. That’s where you all come in. I need recommendations and I need them now. So have at it in the comments. Thanks.

10 responses to “In brief: I need tunes

  1. I find is spot on with their recommendations. I’ve discovered some amazing music through them. I’ve never really gotten into Spotify. I think because it launched around the time I started getting sent music to review and that is where I discover most music these days. I know that for two people who have so much in common, our tastes are really different! I’ll recommend Fionn Regan and Liz Green and send you a link on Twitter to my free download column which I don’t update often enough.

    • Ah, yes. I still “scrobble” to and I go on there for friend requests etc. but I forgot about the recommendation feature. Thanks for that.

      And I know! What’s that all about? It makes friendships interesting, doesn’t it? I shall look in to your two recommendations below, and I shall also go to you column. Thanks!

  2. If only there was a really good monthly podcast with ace new music on it by somebody you knew? ;o) Just in case you forgot ( Sxx

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