In brief: Ex-Blur bassist Alex James on food

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There’s a lot of talk these days about how Alex James (formerly of Blur) has become something of a bellend. If you needed some evidence, check out the bit below (from here). No one should be buying chickens for £2, don’t you know? He prefers his organic sort at £20 a pop, and he thinks that everyone else should do. More tips on the link for the poor folks. If you can stomach it (pun intended).

Alex James there, with no idea or care how privileged he is.

As a rule, though, he thinks that good food is worth the hefty expenditure, and cites an organic free-range chicken from Daylesford that cost him £19. ‘Britain is only just overcoming that wartime mentality of making food cheap,’ he says. ‘I actually think anyone can afford to eat well. On the whole, the less money you have, the more time you have, so you can grow your own food. And the people who need to buy a chicken for two quid are overweight anyway. In this part of the world, you can tell how affluent people are by how thin they are.’

7 responses to “In brief: Ex-Blur bassist Alex James on food

  1. What a prat. Have you heard about Gwyneth Paltrow’s spoiled white rich girl comments too? I refuse to help these people enhance their privilege, they could be making such a difference to the world and yet they revel in their stinking snobbery.

  2. Many years ago I became a vegetarian. One of the reasons at the time was that I couldn’t afford meat. A box of cornflakes was a luxury. We were living on pasta, rice and potatoes alongside a carrier bag full of veg. We couldn’t grow our own because we lived in a flat and anyway we didn’t have money to invest in that sort of thing. Total expenditure was around a £1 a day. It’s much higher now. I can feed my family of six for around £5 a day but I often choose to spend double that. There is no possible way that I would spend £20 on one item of a meal.

    What sort of self absorbed tosser thinks he can tell other people how to shop and what to spend money on? If he wants to spend a fortune on posh food then I’m very happy for him. I’m sure it’s very worthy buy organic when you can afford it and I’d love for everyone to have this option. The fact is that we aren’t all rolling in money though.

    Still I do have a garden now and I’m planting my spuds next Saturday. Not for the saving but because I like like to grow things. I’ve even got my own shed.

    • “What sort of self absorbed tosser thinks he can tell other people how to shop and what to spend money on”

      Exactly. But that is what the privileged do. If only they could tame the savages! Food is absolutely a socio-economic issue and I wish that our government would remember that when it is also telling people how to eat.

      My sister is planting her spuds next weekend too! I do not grow my own (anything). I have a patch of garden on which I can do it but I just don’t wanna. (I’m lazy.)

  3. A n0b he4d of the highest order. Does he live in a house, a very big house in the country??

    Thankfully I chose to side with Oasis, who were not pretending to be ‘street’

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