A brief description: woman – irish – feminist – cynical – content – interested – kind – funny – naughty – intelligent – reads a lot of web – passes a lot of remarks

I spent the first 26 years of my life being born and growing up in Ireland. I moved to Oxford, England ten days after my 26th birthday. There, I did my sociology doctorate. I now live in Yorkshire where I am a university lecturer.


There will seldom, if ever, be anything personal in this blog. Here’s all about the passing of remarks on many things that are none of my business, and a few things that are. Just so you know…

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  1. Hi… this is Salted Lithium/Gabriel’s new alter-ego, I was wondering if your comment on Salted about fighting Splogging meant I could put you into the exposing sploggers blogroll..? Right now the site is totally in Beta, but the more comments on the “Join The Fight” page and blogs in the blogroll the better… sorry if this comes across as me trolling for a blogroll exchange but… I guess that’s pretty much what this is actually.


  2. Hi… I know you password protected the post so it’s probably none of my business… but the cryptic headline had me a little concerned. So… “Finished” what?

    • Gabriel, hi! Man, it’s taking me a while these days to respond! Sorry about the protected post, I don’t like making them and invariably delete them after a while.

      I finished my doctorate thesis, that’s what I meant. 🙂

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