In brief: education for all

I have descended into Marking Hell. No, really, I’m not going to sleep for another fortnight. See you on the other side (if I make it)…

(This post is rather apt on the day that the British government announces that rich kids will be able to buy their university places again. So, the poor won’t be able to afford to go to university any longer, and the rich will be able to pay for places regardless of their talent or aptitude. Higher education is once more the preserve of the elite.)

2 responses to “In brief: education for all

  1. Why is it always my MP who says the stupidest things? It reflects badly on his constituency. David “Two Brains” Willetts (that is his nickname because he is so much smarter than his peers 🙄 ) speaks before he thinks. Why is it even a problem that students who haven’t got high enough grades can’t go to university? Surely they can go back to college, work harder and apply the following year (or ten or fifty years later for that matter) or maybe they could (and I don’t want to court controversy here) get a job instead. Surely daddy will be able to get a job in the office for them. If they don’t have an aptitude for college then what makes them think that they will have an aptitude for university? Isn’t it doing them a disservice to pack them off to uni when they are likely to fail when they get there?

    Why does a solution need to be found?

    It doesn’t. Nor should it. A concept that the bureaucrats in charge seem to have missed is that they only need to try to fix things where they are broken. If the law is unfair to one group or another then amend the law. If the law does not cover something that is causing hardship or harm then introduce a law. Don’t fix a system where it already works.

    • Well now, they are some controversial proposals. University places for the hard-working?! I really don’t know about that! Yes, it is likely to do them a disservice and it certainly doesn’t make my and my colleagues’ lives any easier!

      A solution does not need to be found. But are they worried about the red bricks going under if they don’t get the numbers? I think they’re up to some protectionism.

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