Anti-depressants now kill your unborn child

There’s one thing I’m tired of and that’s hearing how ‘research’ has found that anti-depressants are bad for you. (Do you know if you take them for too long, your limbs fall off one by one?) Every time I read such a finding, I think of Tom Cruise’s rant about anti-depressants and how evil they are. I mean, for the love of the Gods (of Scientology), if Tom Cruise says it’s wrong, we know it must be right.

Anyway, the latest anti-anti-depressants decree maintains that anti-depressants are linked with a higher risk of miscarriage. The study, which was conducted at the the University of Montreal, examined 69,742 women from a a pregnancy register compiled in Quebec, 5,124 of whom had had a miscarriage. Among these women, 5.5% had had at least one prescription for an anti-depressant during their pregnancy, compared with 2.7% of the control group (presumably, those who were not on anti-depressants). Researchers calculated that those women who were on anti-depressants had a 68% higher risk of miscarriage than those who were not, and concluded that the findings indicate that the risk was greater for women who used two or more classes of anti-depressants.

Now, I don’t know the details of how these researchers did their analysis, but I’ve done some statistical analysis myself in my time. I’m thinking that it’s fairly unlikely that the very small proportional difference between those women who miscarried who were on anti-depressants and those who were not (5.5% vs. 2.7%) would be statistically significant, never mind that the likelihood of the former miscarrying was 68% higher. The difference between the two is so marginal that I cannot see where they could have got 68%. They also have not indicated how many women who were not on anti-depressants miscarried or how may who were did not. There is a lot more going in here than you first think.

And ultimately, this isn’t about warning the medical fraternity of the dangers of anti-depressants, it’s about contributing further to the swell of ‘rules’ that come from the medical industry which dictate what women are and are not allowed to do with their bodies. They should breast-feed, they should not be given drugs during birth, they should eat greens, they should not have caffeine. The lists go on and on and your choice during your pregnancy is constantly mediated by what ‘science’ dictates to you to do. This latest decree is particularly dangerous, however, because depression during pregnancy is very common and it is considerably more serious and important to consider than the effects of the odd cappuccino. It’s all too possible that new research will be released next week which will refute these findings and carry with it another rule about pregnancy, but we have to wait for that with baited breath.

In the meantime, I’d like to see a study coming out which concludes that women know what’s best for their own bodies, whether they’re pregnant or not, and that the decisions on what they do with their bodies should be left to them.

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